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In need of a cockroach repellent? Read this before you buy one!

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Whenever you see a cockroach at home, the first reaction would probably be to scream or to kill it! Even though they aren't deadly, they surely have the capacity to carry and cause several diseases that can be fatal for humans. This is what makes us want to take multiple precautions against these creatures so that they do not cause harm to us and our loved ones. The world has enough deadly viruses that are beyond our control, so we can choose to fight certain disease-carrying organisms to the best of our capabilities. Therefore, how to get rid of cockroaches is one of the first questions we need to address. Cockroaches and rats are two of the most commonly found organisms in the house. They can enter through drains, pipes, holes in the walls, etc, and can carry diseases like typhoid.

They are unhygienic and make the house un-liveable. For children, pets, vulnerable humans, etc, cockroaches are an even bigger nuisance. Some of the reasons why it is absolutely essential to have proper cockroach control measures at home would be:

  • As they carry bacteria that they pick up when they crawl through dumpsters, dustbins, and other highly contaminated areas in the city or neighborhood
  • They can spread diseases
  • An allergic reaction can be caused and triggered via cockroach saliva and feces
  • Cockroach bites can cause an infection and the area might swell
  • Cockroaches can enter the children's ears while they are sleeping

These are some of the major reasons why eliminating cockroaches in house would become of prime importance.

Content Table

  1. What Attracts Cockroaches to a Clean Home
  2. Where Do Cockroaches Live in Homes
  3. Inside the House
  4. Outside the House
  5. Is Cockroach Repellent Harmful To Humans

What Attracts Cockroaches to a Clean Home

You must be wondering that even when you keep your home as clean as possible, you may sometimes spot a cockroach or two crawling about under the kitchen sink. It is a common belief that cockroaches are only attracted to dirt and other unhygienic areas and are, therefore, shocked to find these insects inside their clean homes. Cockroaches are also known to be attracted to cleaner surfaces. There can be many different scenarios that can be suitable for a cockroach to arrive and thrive. Typically, a humid and moist environment is where we see the most cockroaches. Therefore, if you are looking to get rid of these pests, you may want to understand their nature so that you know where to strike for prevention.

Some factors are more common in the infestation of cockroaches in a clean house:

  • Food
  • Sheltered places
  • Water and moist areas
  • Warm environments

These are the 4 factors that can catalyze and speed up the process of a cockroach finding its way into your house. Additionally, unclean or unrinsed dishes, leaky taps, pipes, drains, etc can also be ways via which they can enter homes. The best way to avoid any problems regarding cockroaches would be to keep a regular check on these areas in the house.

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Where Do Cockroaches Live in Homes

Unfortunately, cockroaches do not need much to survive in a house. They can live anywhere there is food, shelter, and water. The resemblance between the basic needs of a human and cockroaches is uncanny. It is no surprise that cockroaches can live in clean homes! To be able to effectively make use of your cockroach repellent, you need to know where you can find them

Inside the House

If they have to enter inside, the reason would be trash cans on the porch or lawn clippings. These can lure the insects inside. Since they prefer to be near food and water, they find their way into the kitchens and bathrooms and can hide in:

  1. Cabinets under the sinks
  2. Inside or under trash cans
  3. Near areas of food preparation
  4. Porous surfaces like wood and cardboard

Outside the House

They can also swarm outside the house before they enter and create havoc. The places where they are found would be under decks, basements, sewers, or around:

  1. Brush
  2. Crawl spaces
  3. Dumpsters & Garbage cans
  4. Fallen logs
  5. Leaf litter
  6. Mulch
  7. Storage sheds

If you suspect a cockroach infestation inside or around your house, start checking in these specific places:

  1. Around food prep areas
  2. Inside cabinets under sinks
  3. Within or underneath garbage cans
  4. In dark, cool spaces like cellars

Is Cockroach Repellent Harmful To Humans

A cockroach repellent can be known as an insecticide that is used to kill cockroaches and get rid of them from the house. Any such spray or product often has many chemicals in them that can be harmful to humans. The effects may not be seen immediately, however, upon long-term exposure, it can create a huge issue. Therefore, people are now moving towards the purchase of a natural cockroach repellent that is made entirely out of herbal and organic ingredients.

Since some cockroach repellents have very harsh chemicals in them, they can cause:

  • Allergies
  • Skin rashes
  • Eye infections
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Fatigue, etc

These sprays can also be harmful for children.

Using organically produced cockroach repellents can be highly useful in multiple ways. Not only are they made after research on what specifically kills a cockroach effectively and permanently, but they are also affordable. The ingredients used in herbal products will not harm the person even if they come in direct contact with the liquid. Additionally, they do not leave the pungent smell that other toxic products do. In fact, these organic products have added natural fragrances that can leave the room and space smelling good. You can get these natural products in different aromas - citrus, lavender, etc.

It is important to get rid of cockroaches and what better way to do so than by using a herbal cockroach repellent? Purchase ones after reading the labels and understanding all the ingredients so that you ensure that you are using the best products available in the market.

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FAQs on Cockroach Repellent

What Repels Cockroaches Instantly?

Certain elements that are found in the house can repel cockroaches - cayenne, garlic, tea tree oil, baking soda, organic repellents, etc can be highly effective against these irritating pests.

How do I Permanently get Rid of Roaches in My House?

Setting baits and using a repellent spray that is made out of plant-based organic products would work best to get rid of cockroaches from the house permanently. Use the repellent spray as directed for the best results and permanent eradication.

Does Cockroach Repellent Work?

Yes, cockroach repellents work if they are made well after careful and diligent research into what ingredient will be the most effective to kill cockroaches. Killing may not be enough, it would be important to ensure that these pests do not enter and infest the house over and over again. Using the spray and following proper instructions would help.

Is There an Essential Oil that Repels Cockroaches?

Yes, certain essential oils are made to repel roaches - these are made from peppermint, oregano, or catnip. Other oils that one could use to get rid of cockroaches in the home could also be rosemary oil, eucalyptus oil, etc. These oils can provide a great aroma too.