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How to get rid of termites?

How to get rid of termites?

Tired of seeing your precious antiques, contemporary furniture, and memos & books turning to dust? Know more on termites & the healthy way to get rid of them. Termites - The Unseen menace:
  • Their habit of remaining concealed often results in their presence being unseen until the timbers are severely damaged & exhibit surface changes.
  • As long as a human civilization will exist, pests will be a part of our existence.
  • Our life becomes more hectic with lesser time in hand the menace of pests is going to increase manifolds. Amongst household pests, the termites and ants are the commonest household pests.
  • Termites or white ants are the most notorious and evolved millions of years ago from social cockroaches. The termites have chewing mouth-parts and they feed chiefly on wood, from which they obtain cellulose. Termites undergo gradual metamorphosis. Surprisingly 10% of the 4,000 odd species from the 2,600 known are economically important as pests.
  • One can say ants & termites are social insects since they live in colonies that at maturity range from several hundred to several million individuals.
  • A termite and ant colony contains nymphs, soldiers, workers, and reproductive individuals of each sex, sometimes containing many egg-laying queens. In some families of termites, no workers develop, and the nymphs perform worker functions, which include feeding the royal couple, the terribly young nymphs and the soldiers; caring for the eggs; grooming the queen; constructing and repairing the nest, and foraging for food. The soldiers have heads as large as the rest of the body and equipped with strong mandibles used in defence of the colony.

Importance of termites - tips to get rid of termites

Termites eat cellulose and cellulose is the most abundant organic compound on earth. To find the source of food i.e. wood & other cellulose sources, termites often build a miniature, private highways under the soil. While considered as a pest by homeowners, offices, etc., termites are actually beneficial insects, ecologically speaking. Termites break down tough plant fibers, recycling dead and decaying trees into the new soil. These hungry insects are very important to the health of our forests. When they tunnel through the soil, they aerate and improve it.

Damage by Termites

Because of their wood-eating habits, termites sometimes do great damage to buildings and other wooden structures. Their habit of remaining hid helps them stay undetected until the timbers are severely damaged and exhibit surface changes. Once termites have entered a building, they don’t limit themselves simply to wood, also damaging paper, carpets, cloth, and other cellulosic materials as well. The termites that cause the greatest damage for dwellings, usually belong to the family Rhinotermitidae, subterranean termites, or the soil dwellers. Probably, most of our hidden housemates are harmless. But when it comes to termites, some can literally eat us out of house & home. While termites’ ability to damage our homes by eating wooden foundations is legendary, most species don’t cause complications. Usually, they are rarely seen, hidden away inside the wood, underground or in their nests. One interesting anecdote of a strange incident in this context is a news report that termites ate their way through notes worth 10 million rupees in a bank in India.

The remedy and its effects

It is thus pertinent that termite and ant control became a part of all of our lives. Treatment of soil, use of treated wood, or shielding with metal and concrete are among the methods used to prevent the entry of termites into buildings. The chemical treatment for ants and termites is not only expensive and tedious. It is equally harmful. Termite treatment & termite insecticide promises a termite-free life but seldom talks about the dangerous chemical effects of such treatments. The question that arises now is there a safe and healthy alternative?
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