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Natural Remedies for Dog Ticks and Fleas

Natural Remedies For Dog Ticks and Fleas

Fleas and ticks are a recurring problem from dogs and their owners. Every time your pet goes outside the house and comes back, there needs to be a mandatory ticks and fleas check, so that neither you nor your pets are unhealthy.

There are countless natural remedies to get rid of unwanted ticks and fleas on dogs:

  • A clean home:
    • A clean home would mean there would be no ticks or fleas hanging out at home to climb onto your pet. Clutter attracts insects like these, so reducing clutter in your house will be instrumental in having a clean pet.
  • Use citrus juices to get rid of them:
    • Squeezing out orange or lemon juices and then applying them to your pets' fur would result in them repelling ticks and fleas to some extent.
  • Mow the lawn:
    • Ticks stay on the ends of blades of tall grass. So if you have a lawn and it is overgrown, consider mowing it. So, there is no space for the ticks to reside and thus not get onto your pet.
  • Use essential oils:
    • Essential oils have been found to repel ticks and fleas. Especially Rose Germanium oil wards off ticks, and can be used on both pets and their owners. Citronella, lemongrass, among others, has been found to repel fleas. These oils are clean and pure and should help in some sort of small scale treatment.
  • Wash the dog:
    • Ticks and fleas can easily fall off and also drown during baths. So if you suspect your pet of having fleas, do give it a good scrub, this may help relieve it of all parasites on its person.

Use Herbal remedies to get rid of fleas and ticks on dogs

A one-stop solution for all of this would be to try herbal concoctions. Herbal solutions like Yespray, a tick and flea repellent would help rid your precious pet of all parasites in one go. Herbal repellents also mean that there would be no side effects from usage. A welcome change compared to the usual chemical products.