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A Guide To Switch To Natural Home Products - Herbal Strategi

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A Complete Guide to Switching to Natural Products

Organic and natural products are not new; they have existed for decades. It is people who are becoming increasingly conscious of the type of products they use. In one way, it is safe to state that people are now gravitating towards conscious consumerism. And we can see this taking shape with the stark rise in demand for natural home cleaners and other organic products. Most conventional home cleaning products have a toxic combination of harmful chemicals, which can affect people’s health in the long run. 

As people become aware of this, they are choosing to stick to organic products. Fortunately, choosing organic home products is not that difficult. The market offers plentiful options; consumers just need to be clear with their requirements. If you’re planning to ditch your old chemical-laden products for natural home products, this guide is here to help people with the entire process. 

Whether you’re planning to invest in herbal pest control for home or natural home cleaners for different house areas, this guide will help you make better buying decisions. So make sure you read till the end.   

Why Switch to Non-Toxic Products?

Shifting to natural home cleaners can be difficult if you’re accustomed to using traditional cleaning products. But if you continue using the same chemical cleaners, your health can suffer in the long run. Many researchers have shown how chemical or toxic products are linked to health problems like allergies, infections, reproductive problems, breathing issues, respiratory troubles, and cancer. Natural home products contain organic ingredients that are not linked to health hazards.

People are currently being exposed to more harmful chemicals than ever before. If these chemicals infest your home air quality, surface, food, or any other item related to you, catching health problems won’t be a far-away affair. You should start using all home herbal cleaner instead of the chemical option. Organic home products have always been proven safe, effective, and cost-friendly. So there is no particular reason not to take the side of natural home cleaners.  

Information & Statistics About Toxic Chemicals

If you search for the available synthetic chemicals in use today, you’ll end up with a massive list of over 85,000 toxic chemicals. These chemicals are being used in most cleaning products. What’s concerning is the fact that the ultimate effect of combining these chemicals is still unknown. However, various researchers indicate troublesome results. Some companies even use untested chemicals in their cleaners to cut down costs, which has terrible effects on human health.

Although learning about all the available toxic chemicals is impossible, you can start by identifying harmful chemicals used in unnatural products. Chemicals like endrin, PCBs, chlordane, dioxin, DDT, dieldrin, heptachlor, and lindane are some chemicals to be concerned of. Suppose, if you don’t switch to natural home cleaners at the earliest. In that case, these chemicals added to artificial cleaners can expose you and your family to health hazards like visual disturbances, cancer, fatigue, aches, personality changes, sexual dysfunction, memory loss, sleep disturbances, and more.

When you adopt organic home products, you naturally reduce the risk of such health problems.  

How to Know Which Ingredients to Avoid?

As mentioned above, home cleaner manufacturers use thousands of chemicals, and it can be impossible to learn about them all. But you can still be in a better position than most by knowing about the commonly used toxic chemicals in the industry. Whenever you’re out buying home cleaners, make sure to turn the bottle and read the ingredients list to identify whether any of the following toxic substance has been used in the cleaner:

  • Aluminum
  • Parabens
  • Mineral Oil
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)
  • Formaldehyde
  • Triclosan and Triclocarban
  • Phthalates
  • Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES), and many more

This list can be seemingly endless, so you can start by looking for these commonly used harmful chemicals in your cleaners. If you want to avoid toxic chemicals, switching to natural home cleaners is the best way out. Natural home products like the all home herbal cleaner or herbal pest control for home are free from harmful chemicals and use mostly green or organic ingredients safe for your health. 

Should You Purchase Natural Products or Make Your Own?

If you want to go all natural, start by buying organic home cleaners from the market. While DIY natural home cleaners are always more organic, making them is not convenient, especially if you’re always hard pressed for time. Buying organic products like natural insect repellent for home and other house cleaners are easier and more feasible options. Making all home herbal cleaner at home can save you money, but the time investment won’t be worth it.  

Keep an Eye Out for ‘Cleanwashing’

If you want to ideally save your time and your health, you’ll ideally gravitate towards store-bought organic cleaning products. While buying them, you should be careful of the ‘cleanwashing’ technique used by various cleaner manufacturers. This term refers to the event wherein companies spin and project their products as ‘natural,’ even though they aren’t. Cleanwashing can also be used to describe the marketing ploys that make cleaning products look organic and less toxic, while the reality is entirely different. 

To ensure you don’t fall for cleanwashing traps, always make it a habit to check the ingredients list available on the product label. It will help you pick natural home cleaners that are organic and don’t contain toxic substances.   

Go Natural to Lead a Healthy & Secure Life

Natural home cleaners can help you stay safe from the harmful effects of toxic substances used as ingredients in regular cleaners. The list of benefits of using herbal cleaners or organic products can be seemingly endless. The only problem with natural cleaners or products is you cannot make them at home as your ordinary DIY projects. It takes time, effort, and the right herbal ingredients, which can be challenging to find. 

Hence, buying them from a reliable manufacturer is the most viable option for switching to natural products. At Herbal Strategi, we give a significant amount of time, attention, efforts, and resources to create the best natural home cleaners, natural insect repellent for home, herbal pest control for home, and other organic products for customers. Our organic products are sure to leave you impressed. You have to try them if you’re willing to take a step forward towards ditching chemical-laced products for good.