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Love Air Fresheners? Now, you will think twice!

Love Electric Room Fresheners? Now, you will think twice!

Before you plug in a electric room air freshener or spray one in your room simply check that you identify what it will do to you! Room Fresheners have been found to be very hazardous. They affect your immunity, health, and the health of your family, including children and unborn fetuses. Plug in air fresheners health risk Plug in air fresheners might smell really good and give a good feeling, but in reality, you’re breathing in chemicals that in turn harm you. They are only temporary, but what they do to you is permanent. They affect your hormones as they contain Phthalates. Phthalates are used as plastic softeners. They have been proven to affect hormones and interfere in our reproductive systems. The other side effects caused by them are watery eyes, nausea, asthma attacks, anemia, loss of blood and appetite. It also increases risks for cancer and causes various chronic health problems. Most of the electric room air fresheners are fabricated from chemicals and they destroy your immune system with time.

So why opt for chemicals when you have cleverer options?

Herbal Strategi Rose Room Disinfectant and Freshener is available in the market. Herbal Strategi manufactures air fresheners that are 100% chemical free, they are kid safe, vegan and fully manufactured from plant extracts and aromatic oils. Most importantly, it does not cause any side effects. They give you an aromatherapy effect like no other and also leave behind a spa-like refreshing feeling.

Furthermore, rose room fresheners in cares can bring down the number of crashes, scientists claim

The scent of rose reduced accidents by 64% & musk increased by 46%. Scientists from Sussex University have found that in a driving simulator, spraying a pleasant, calming smell at drivers reduced the number of accidents. Researchers believe that by creating smells in cars this can alert the brain quicker than a visual warning. Smells take a short time to reach the nose, but once the smell molecules reach the nose, the transition to nose and brain is quicker than eyes & ears. It’s time to think twice and shop smart. Choose products that are made for you, keeping your health in mind.