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Good Housekeeping Tip - Keep Cockroaches Away Naturally

Why are Cockroaches such a Pest?

  1. Most repulsive household insect.
  2. Very resilient and contaminates human food with saliva and excretion.
  3. Produces a secretion that leaves behind a stinking odour.

What is the best way to get rid of cockroaches without exterminators?

Maintain Household Hygiene

  1. Keep your homes clean.
  2. Clear the kitchen of any trash at night.
  3. Clean up food spills, fix leaky water pipes or other sources of moisture accumulation all of which encourages cockroach breeding.

The Use of Chemical Insecticides

  • Use of strong insecticides kills roaches and is extremely toxic to humans.
  • Insecticides leave a cloud of chemicals creating harmful conditions like pupil dilation, vomiting, headaches, skin rashes, wheezing, etc.
  • Prolong use of insecticides (aerosol sprays, gel etc.) make the roaches resistant to these compounds.

How to remove roaches from home permanently and what smells repel roaches

Adopt Herbal Control Measures

  • By using a 100% Herbal product like JUSTOUT, a household can adopt an effective, safe, non-toxic, and eco-friendly way of overcoming the cockroach problem.
  • JustOut is a Herbal Roach Repellent Spray that is made from Aromatic oils and Plant extracts.
  • When you sprayed continuously for 10 days on the inside wall of kitchen cabinets, under the kitchen sink, and bathroom nanny trap areas, it will repel roaches for 4-6 months.
  • Even more, did you know that roaches hate the smell of essential oils? Our Herbal Strategi JustOut Repellent contains natural Lemongrass, Cedarwood, & Neem essential oils.
  • This is a non-toxic substance that can be used to repel roaches naturally.

Where to use?

In kitchens, restaurants, warehouses, & toilets, it can be used without any side effects. Preferred time of spraying is at night before going to sleep. After repeated use for 10-day, our Just Out Mosquito Repellent will ensure that you are free from cockroaches for 4-6 months.