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Pest Control and human actions.

John Thomas |

Pest Control and human actions

  • Controlling pests at your home or office is one thing which should be taken seriously.
  • Pest control is as old as agriculture itself.
  • Pest control and agriculture have both come a long way together as the effort to maximize food production.

There are many causes for pest control and human actions are one of the main reasons for it. Modifying these actions can reduce the problems of pest control substantially. Food and food waste is one of the main reasons and it pulls in anything from house flies to racoons. Organisms, meaning living organisms evolve and they evolve with increasing resistance to physical, chemical, and a biological form of control.

There are many types of pest control we have known or have existed. Naming a few types would include the use of pest – destroying animals, biological pest control where they used to control the pests by the use of natural predators and parasites.

To explain in reason, the mosquitos are dealt with one of these ways. The use of Bt Bacillus thuringiensis ssp. Israelensis. This is a bacterium that kills/infects the mosquito larvae in locally found water sources. The entire boundary of pest control biologically is to remove the possibility of harm, probably even a bare minimum. So strive to ensure on a balance to be maintained in our environment.

Apart from the use of plant extracts or even chemicals in the use of pest control, there is a mechanical way too! The use of traps and simple devices, probably a few equipments if necessary. What we do here is the place or build or use a protective barrier between the pest and the rest. By the way, this is one of the oldest and ancient type of pest control. Simplest too.

Once we eliminate their grounds of breeding, it furthermore seals curbing their population. Even burning the fields is one of the methods, but this might not be a bright idea after all.

And we would be like, ‘Burn it down’ loudly.

The use of pesticides is another where chemicals and natural methods are used to repel and kill pests and mosquitoes. You might find a lot of methods in the world but which would you choose when it comes to you and the environment you live in? We are part of the ecosystem and we should strictly adhere to it to live in balance.

To take a look at what is the one option, it is to simply use what could be made out of or from the environment. Not the use of chemicals. With the use of plant extract and oils is a great method to be thought through. The ‘one’ repellent or the ‘one’ extract combinations used in the repellent which can be used in almost all kinds of places. Hospitals, schools, hotels, industries, manufacturing companies, homes, apartments, backyards, offices and many other places. It not only is safe, and non-toxic too. These repellents would have a minimal or a no effect for people or pets with respiratory issues or ones who are asthmatic.

We at Herbal Strategy, have done enough research with the aid of the Government and along with their certifications, the product has gained great respect and response and is used from hospitals, ashrams, meditation centres, homes, offices and a few medium-sized companies across the Asia Pacific, America and Africa.

We have learnt that the use of herbal repellents can repel mosquitoes, cockroaches, insects, bed bugs and ants. Gladly, these herbal repellents are for pet lovers too. They help repel ticks, fleas, lice and mite from our pets. It would definitely be a favourite among Animal welfare organisations, Kennels, people with pets at home and across the Globe. From fogging to body sprays are in the offering where each product is customized to its need.

The use of agarbatti in India from ancient times, till now. To have a look around and to act accordingly would be a smart way to eliminate the possibility of mosquitoes, cockroaches and many other pests. People who travel, picnics with family, outings with friends or just a business trip could be made comfortable. A few herbal ingredients can be made as hand sanitizers, air fresheners and we have done exactly that. You would be amazed to see the efficacy reports of the herbal products.

We urge you all to reach out to us to deal with pest control, mosquito control, cockroaches, bedbugs problems and if you are a pet lover, you would simply ensure the safest product for your pets. We all adore our pets way ahead of what we think. PETA recognised us when it comes to that.