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Natural methods to deal with Fleas, Ticks, Lice and Mites

Natural methods to deal with Fleas, Ticks, Lice and Mites

John Thomas |

Natural methods to deal with Fleas, Ticks, Lice and Mites

The love for pets in unconditional and they love us unconditionally. We humans can speak out the issues we have and even try out different remedies to solve these problems. As pets, they deal with their own issues but with a little help as pet owners, our pets can live a more relaxed life. Let’s take puppies for an example, puppies mostly have tick issues and these ticks literally feed off the puppies to grow and over a period of time, it aggravates if not treated. Day by day the puppies itch, bite into the area trying to overcome the itch without succeeding. We either have to pull it out manually or use the regular remedies to get rick of ticks (flea prevention for dogs).

Ticks are usually brought in by pets. These ticks are attached anywhere on the body of the pet. Most ticks keep attached to the body of the host. When it comes to fleas, again the association is with pets (cats and dogs). In case you find fleas at home that means this is due to an infested pet, rodents or even if there is some wildlife in the outdoors. Fleas jump, unlike ticks which crawl. The feeding preference for fleas is animals. They don’t mind humans if their animal’s hosts are not around.

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These type of issues are plenty and how to deal with them would be our choice. Knowing the number of products there are in the market, anybody would get confused too and most would be trying out a different solution every time. Going for something that comes out of nature or naturally is one smart choice. There might be hundreds of chemical products out there which could be effective but one has thought of the chemicals used and their harmfulness.

One of our herbal pet care products just serves this need and this is a one for all solution – be it a problem with ticks, fleas, lice or mites. Yespray, a water-based herbal repellent is made from a blend of aromatic oils and plant extracts. If sprayed on the body of dogs say thrice a week, for about 8 weeks – you can say goodbye to ticks, fleas, lice and mites. This is just right for the dog and it definitely does not have chemicals and is non-toxic. Easily a replacement for various chemical products in the market.