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Herbal Repellents

John Thomas |

Herbal Repellents

Let’s talk about herbs the top herbs that comes in mind is Citronella, Catnip, Marigolds, Lavender and peppermint. Each of these herbs has a brilliant effect on mosquitoes and bed bugs. These plants can be planted in areas you want to keep bugs away. Be it for pets or human, You can simply crush these leaves and rub them on to your skin. However, this might not be the case every time, if you are not at home or office or where ever you think of planting them. If we take the first one, Citronella. Citronella is an original bug repellent. Catnip is a great insect repellent and also repels cockroaches. Marigolds, when grown in the garden, can help repel pests and bugs too. Marigold flowers are edible too! Similar to Marigold’s, Lavender can be grown in gardens and your home too as it is an indoor plant. Lavender does repel bugs. Last but not least, you have peppermint. In case a bed bug has already bitten you and you have the bad itch, these plants help you! First of all, bedbugs don’t like the smell of peppermint. Similar to other plants mentioned about, you just crush the leaves and rub it on your skin, it will ward them off. And if you have a bite, you can get some relief from it too. These are all the methods, naturally. Now how do you have the option to use it whenever you want? We, at Herbal Strategi, have done exactly that. To help you use wherever and whenever you need, we have organic - herbal products made from citronella plants extracts and herbal oils. These products are not only safe but non-toxic. No chemicals are used while manufacturing the products. The products have a wide range of application. From kids, Adults and pets also find a lot of use from our herbal repellents. Repelling mosquitoes, bed bugs, cockroaches, ants and other insects is one use and the other is repelling ticks, fleas, lice and mite from pets. The products are certified by the government and we do have our efficacy reports put up on our website if you want to take a look at our effort to make sure we have one effective product. In the markets of chemicals and other products, we have made a mark when it comes to herbal repellents world over. It all began in India and spread across to having even export orders from Africa, Middle East, Asia Pacific, and the Americas. With good recognition from pet lovers, the aged and the bubbling children, Herbal Strategi is growing to be a favorite among the masses.