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Cleaning tips with a herbal disinfectant cleaner

John Thomas |

Cleaning Tips with Herbal Disinfectant Cleaners

It is not necessary to buy expensive bottled chemical stuff, not even baking soda or vinegar can do a better job. However, cleaning and use of a disinfectant are two different things. Herbal Strategi's products have a two-in-one benefit as they are 100% herbal and they clean as well as disinfect. Places like lent traps, ceiling fans, and other places in the home that get forgotten about including corners etc. Let us just list it out.

Daily cleaning tips and checklist

Although you have a cleaning - disinfectant product, you will need the right tools to make it happen and a few places that you need to check:
  • Use of sanitizing sponges that will suck the liquid and help you clean/scrub better than cloth, this will help scrub the dirt and the microbes away.
  • Kitchen cabinet door cleaning brushes.
  • Clean fan blades.
  • Cleaning behind the microwave oven glass.
  • Cleaning your pillows.
  • Removing hard water stains from your taps.
  • Cleaning your air conditioners with a pressure pump, cleaner and a disinfectant.
  • Removing the Grout lines in between the white bathroom tiles (Herbal Strategi Bathroom Cleaner).
  • Cleaning the bathroom exhaust.
  • Cleaning the kitchen sink (Herbal Kitchen CleanerJustMop).
  • Again, cleaning the complete oven and stains inside and outside your fridge.
  • Cleaning your window blinds.
  • Cleaning air vents.
  • Cleaning the vacuum filter.
  • Cleaning the shower glass (Herbal Glass Cleaner SprayJustMop).
And finally, use Herbal Floor Cleaner - JustMop as a surface cleaner of your entire house. This especially helps if there are toddlers in your house. This not only cleans but also keeps away germs and cleans the tiles and marbles of any stains. You should use it & believe it. Our products are made from herbal plant extracts and natural aromatic oils making it a perfect herbal disinfectant and a cleaner.