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Household Cleaners Vs Disinfectants

John Thomas |

If you sum up to prevent the spread of harmful microorganisms, then bio security is a huge topic. There are many parts to this and one important and critical measure is proper cleaning and disinfection of facilities, objects within that environment. There is a huge difference when you say clean and disinfect. Just removing the dirt may be called as cleaning. This can be with the help of detergents and this could help you eliminate various contamination which could be from stale food to animal dropping to anything in between. Perhaps you can just clean the exposed surfaces which you can reach and clean. So, cleaning helps remove clean stuff you can see. While cleaning helps remove dirt and stains on the places you can see and reach, disinfecting is the process that tackles microbes that we cant see. Disinfection is a process of killing microbes and preventing them to spread from one place to another. Cleaning and disinfection are important components of bio-security and with together done in the most effective way, means we have done a good job. To make this work we will have to make sure we are using the good combination of cleaning products and disinfectants. The surface may look clean, but the microbes may still be hiding in there. This we will never know. When we say disinfectants, which will usually mean use of chemicals. Usage of chemical might no be a safe option which might lead to allergies, etc. with children and pets at home. We will never know the effects of chemicals as they act over a period of time. Herbal disinfectants have arrived and they are much safe and they smell better. Herbal disinfectants are made from plant extracts and aromatic oils. Herbal disinfectants at Herbal Strategi have dual benefits. They are used as good household cleaners and disinfectants. With the product being herbal, made by scientists and certified by Govt. of India - this is easily the best product available in the market. The product endorsed by PETA.