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The best herbal mosquito repellents!

The best herbal mosquito repellents!

John Thomas |

Does DEET-free mosquito repellent work?

Best way to stop mosquitoes from attacking you. Before you get desperate and buy the commercially available chemical mosquito repellent spray in India, make sure that you are aware of what you are in for. Most of the mosquito repellent sprays available in the market are made of chemicals like DEET that will harm you in some of the other ways. It is said that the chemical DEET that is present in most of the mosquito repellents get absorbed into your bloodstream, almost 17% of it. The effect of it may not be immediate but with the time you start reacting to the chemical, resulting in various health problems.

What is the best natural mosquito repellent spray in India?

When it comes to personal care or home care products, you must always be aware of what you buy. It is always advisable to research, and then buy products like these. Some people are allergic to the mosquito repellents available in the market, why? Because most of them are made from chemicals. Have you ever thought of other alternatives that are available in the market and you are not aware of it? Repellents that are actually made of plant extracts and herbal oils. We have various herbal mosquito repellent sprays that are available today. So, why not choose herbal over chemicals. We have the one stop solution for you. Herbal Strategi has a range of herbal mosquito repellent sprays, both for your body and for the room. The herbal mosquito body sprays are made of a blend of Tulasi oil, Lemongrass oil, Tailaparna oil, etc. They are 100% natural and chemical free. The mosquito repellent room sprays are made of Nimba oil, Devadaru oil, Lemongrass oil, Citronella oil, etc. They are non-toxic and child safe. You will find the contents on the products itself. It is important to read what you buy. When products are made from natural plant extracts, there is no question of them harming your health.

Keep the mosquitoes at bay by buying our Natural Mosquito Repellent (In India). Stay happy. Stay healthy.