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As consumers you need to be aware of the home care products you buy!

How many of us know what we buy?

It is human tendency to buy products that look very attractive. But, do we actually know what we are buying? Many home care products we buy in the market today have chemicals in it that are hazardous. Be it the room fresheners, the repellents, hand cleansers or even the cleaners you use on a daily basis, all have chemicals in them. But, we fail to recognize the need to read the contents of the products we buy.

Most of the repellents available in the market have DEET, which is known to be very harmful to people, as it enters into the bloodstream and causes various complications. Even the room fresheners have known to cause great damage to the human body, due to various toxic chemicals present. I have just named a few.

In our daily life, there are so many products that we use and are unaware of what it can do to us. The cleaning products, medicines, laundry products even the foods we eat, have an endless barrage of unregulated toxic in it. No one thinks about the long term effects. The long term health consequences of these products become worse than any infection or ailment. So, think twice before buying any product. It is always advisable to know the details of the products you buy. Some products do not even mention their contents clearly.

To protect you from all these chemical home care cleaning products:

  • We have made products out of herbal extracts.
  • Herbal home care products that will treat you like no other.
  • These products are made of plant extracts and herbal oils that in no way can harm you.
  • They do not have any side effects or any chemicals that are toxic.
  • They are even child safe and vegan.

Here is the list of products we have:

We make sure that the contents are mentioned in each product so that you are aware of what we use in our products. Our products are 100% herbal and 100% safe.