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As consumers you need to be aware of the home care products you buy!

As consumers you need to be aware of the home care products you buy!

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People are so busy with the daily lives that they often need to learn about the everyday products they use in their homes. Amongst a vast population, only a few are concerned about the ingredients used in our home care products and how using these products impacts their health. Although cleaning products like floor cleaner liquid, dishwashing liquid, soaps, etc. helps maintain a clean and hygienic home, these products usually have many toxins in them which are not suitable for your health and the surroundings. It is best to switch to organic products to avoid putting your health at stake but you need to choose the organic products mindfully as though they contain harmful ingredients, many have made it to the market shelves. Therefore, as responsible consumers, it is recommended to read labels before investing in any product that claims to be safe for your health.

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How Can Cleaning Supplies and Household Products Affect Health

The ingredients used in making chemical-based house cleaning products can impact your health in many ways. The toxins released while using these products can irritate your skin or eyes, and cause a throat infection, headache, or many other health issues. The usage of certain housekeeping chemicals releases volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that get vaporized at room temperature. Other substances present in the surroundings can react with them and lead to hazardous pollutants inside your home.

Compounds like VOCs that are released while using house cleaning products can become the prime reason for developing respiratory issues, allergies, etc. People with asthma and other respiratory problems are more prone to get affected due to exposure to VOCs.

Other products you use in your daily life other than house cleaning products, like air fresheners, detergents, upholstery cleaners, furniture polishes, etc., also release toxins that are harmful to the human body in the long term. Added to that, you must strictly prohibit mixing cleansers that contain ammonia with products that contain bleach, as the combination releases hazardous toxins that can cause death.

How Can You Prevent Harm from Household Products

Being mindful while purchasing home cleaning products is the key to preventing harm caused due to the usage of the wrong cleaning products. Developing a simple habit of reading labels before purchasing products can save you from a lot of negative consequences. Use products that do not consist of VOCs, or the number of VOCs is negligible. Added to that, avoid products that contain flammable substances, fragrances, and other harmful ingredients.

A lot of products present in the market need to fully disclose the ingredients used in their making. Therefore, it is best that you thoroughly research a product before using them daily. The responsible authorities have provided a list of products that are safe for usage. This includes a list of home cleaning products as well. You can also resort to homemade cleaning methods, like using baking soda for scrubbing and a mixture of vinegar and water for glass cleaning.

Make sure your space is well-ventilated while using cleaning products so that air circulation is ensured and you get rid of any toxins released. Open the doors and windows, and do not use toxic cleaning products in congested and closed spaces.

Natural Alternatives to Chemical Household Products

Switching to natural cleaning products for house cleaning is best for health issues caused due to usage of chemical-based products. Natural home cleaners are made using natural ingredients and do not release harmful toxins into the environment that are harmful to you and your loved ones. However, trust only those organic brands which fully disclose the ingredients used in the making of the product.

You can get a wide range of natural home cleaners such as floor cleaning liquid, dishwashing liquid, toilet cleaners, kitchen cleaning liquid, detergents, etc. at affordable rates. To ensure that the indoors of your house are toxin-free, you must use such products. An added benefit is that these products are not only good for you but also for the environment. Manufacturing them doesn't cause any harm to nature which makes them eco-friendly.

Investing in organic products is a great choice to keep your home clean without putting your health and your family's health at stake. Prioritizing eco-friendly products will bring you closer to living in toxin-free surroundings.


As responsible consumers, we must have good knowledge about the products we are using in our lives. It is easy to fall for catchy advertisements and offers that brands are using extensively to promote their products. Still, as an aware citizen, you must be educative about the products you think are safe for you and the products that are indeed safe for you. However, recently as a lot of awareness has been raised people are opting for reliable brands that offer safe products for house cleaning.

FAQs on The Home Care Products You Buy

Why is it Important to be aware of the Products You are Using?

You might need to learn about certain products that you are using in your daily life that are causing harm to your health. These products release toxins into the environment, irritating your skin, eye, and throat and leading to other medical problems. Therefore, it is best to be aware of the product you are trusting.

Why do we Need Household and Personal Care Products?

Household and personal care products are needed to maintain personal hygiene and overall hygiene. These products can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and groom yourself. However, this is possible if you choose products that do not harm you in the long term.

How do you Choose Which Consumer Products to Buy?

The most reliable way to choose consumer products is by reading their labels before buying them. However, certain products do not fully disclose the ingredients used in their making. You can study products online as a lot of information is available online. Putting in such efforts can help you to make healthy choices.