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Hand Sanitizers are great. But choose wisely!

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Pritam Bhopale |

Hand sanitizer are great but chose wisely

Hand sanitizers are the most convenient thing to wash hands anytime and anywhere, but there are a lot of facts about hand sanitizers that people need to notice before using them. When you do not have soap and water for handwashing, sanitizers are at the rescue but be mindful of the ingredients present in your hand sanitizers. A lot of focus has been given to the way a hand sanitizer should be used and not enough is given to what you should look for while buying a hand sanitizer that is safe for your health.

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5 Reasons You Should Choose Hand Sanitizer Wisely
  1. Hand Sanitizers Kill Germs But Dont Clean Hands
  2. 60-95 Alcohol is Effective
  3. Apply the Hand Sanitizer Correctly
  4. Hand Sanitizers Dont Dry Skin
  5. Hand Sanitizers Could be Dangerous

5 Reasons You Should Choose Hand Sanitizer Wisely

Before using any hand sanitizer available in the market, here are five facts about hand sanitizers that you should be well aware of, to ensure safe usage. Investing in the right things is better than putting your health at stake by being ignorant of the things you might be using in your daily life.

Hand Sanitizers Kill Germs But Dont Clean Hands

The presence of alcohol in liquid hand sanitizer spray kills a significant percentage of germs and bacteria on your hand. However, you must know that when you use hand sanitizers, the alcohol in them fragments the outer coating of viruses and bacteria which is lipid-based and eventually kills them. If your hands are full of grease, heavy metals, pesticides, and evident dirt then there is no use of using hand sanitizers as it is not effective on such hands. Using soap and water is ideal to clean extremely dirty hands as the friction created while rubbing the hands with soap detaches the bacteria from the skin and leaves your hand clean.

60-95 Alcohol is Effective

It is essential to know the alcohol content of the hand sanitizers while buying them. As per the center for disease control and management, it is recommended that one should use hand sanitizers that have 60%-95% of isopropanol (isopropyl) or ethanol concentration. This concentration is ideal for effectively killing the bacteria and germs on your hands. A low concentration of alcohol will not be effective in killing germs. On the other hand, an alcohol concentration of more than 95 % is not ideal as alcohol requires water to contaminate cells. You can also use organic sanitizer liquid spray for effective results.

Apply the Hand Sanitizer Correctly

The effectiveness of the hand sanitizer in killing germs and bacteria depends significantly on how you apply the sanitizer to your hands. During the pandemic, a lot of awareness was raised about correctly using hand sanitizers to effectively kill germs and bacteria. The chronology of usage is as follows

  • Apply a few drops of hand sanitizer on your palm.
  • Rub and scrub your hands appropriately.
  • Make sure to cover the areas like the back of the hand, thumb, between fingers, etc.
  • Rub for a minute until the sanitizer dries completely.
  • Avoid rinsing or wiping your hands.

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Hand Sanitizers Dont Dry Skin

One of the advantages of using hand sanitizers is that it does not make your skin dry. A good sanitizer nurtures the skin by protecting it from bacteria and germs. Additionally, using an organic liquid hand sanitizer spray will make your skin supple and leave a fragrance behind. Studies revealed that using quality hand sanitizers can make your skin condition better. Make sure to select your hand sanitizer wisely to reap such benefits.

Hand Sanitizers Could be Dangerous

Although alcohol is effective in killing germs, it can be dangerous too, if not used correctly. Alcohol in sanitizers like isopropyl is flammable and can cause burns. Therefore, if you have used a hand sanitizer you must avoid direct contact with sparks or other ignition sources. Such ignition cases are rare, but you must be aware of them. Also, if you are using sanitizer liquid spray, ensure you do not spray it over substances that can ignite a fire.


Being mindful of maintaining your hand hygiene can go a long way in preventing diseases that are caused due to coming in contact with certain bacteria and viruses. It is better to resort to preventive measures like keeping your hands clean with sanitizers, soap, and water to avoid putting your health at stake. You can also consider using organic spraying sanitizers that are super easy on your skin and effective in killing bacteria. Make sure you check the alcohol concentration and other ingredients used in the sanitizer before buying them.

FAQs on Hand Sanitizers

How Long is Hand Sanitizer Good For?

Many brands claim that their hand sanitizers effectively protect against germs for up to 24 hours of using them. However, if your hands are exposed to visible dirt, grease, heavy metals, etc. you must wash them using soap and water to ensure the killing of bacteria and germs.

Which Sanitizer is the Best Liquid or Spray?

Studies show that liquid sanitizers are more efficient in killing germs and bacteria than spray sanitizers. However, in some cases, the spray might work better. For instance, children are not able to evenly distribute liquid sanitizer across their hands, and using a spray can help them do so conveniently.

Can you Make a Spray Out of Hand Sanitizer?

Yes, you can make a spray hand sanitizer easily. All you have to do is take an empty spray bottle and fill 3/4th of it with alcohol. Add a little coconut oil or aloe vera gel to it and mix it well. For fragrance, you can add the essential oil of your choice.

Is Alcohol Spray Better Than Gel?

Alcohol spray makes it convenient to spread the germ-killing substances in all the areas of your palms. Added to that sprays sanitizer dries quickly from your hands. Depending on the alcohol concentration of the sanitizer, its efficiency can be evaluated. Ideally, the alcohol concentration should be between 60-95 %.