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Removing Kennel Odor And Urine Smell

Removing Kennel Odor and Urine Smell

Dog kennel urine smell removal: The distinct smell of urine from dog kennels is disturbing to anyone who comes across it, including for dogs. The odor doesn’t simply smell, but sometimes can present a health hazard to dogs and their owners. Dog kennels must be cleaned day by day to control urine odors. To start off, removal of any organic solid waste is fundamental. Scoop up any waste left behind by the dog and use hot water to clean the place up a little. Additionally, you can use hot water to wash all surfaces of the kennel for better results. Corners and cracks of kennels can trap urine odor smells, so spend additional time cleaning these areas. How water cleanses, even with soap, only evacuates organic matter, but it does not sterilize the kennel, so the microbial pee smell will still be there.

To Kill Microorganisms, Bleach Versus Natural Herbal Spray - Dog Kennel Urine Smell Removal

Once the kennel has been cleaned with soap and water, a disinfectant is needed to kill microorganisms. Bleach is a typical disinfectant, but it may cause skin and airway irritation. So a decent option can be a good herbal pet care product like Kennel Spray. Spray it 12-16 splashes two times a week in the kennel area or place they reside, covering the entire area, corners, crevices, door area, and so forth. and then allow the dog to enter into kennel or place they reside after 60 minutes of spraying. This will ensure the kennel is clean and devoid of uncomfortable urine odor. The usual remedy for this is diluted bleach, but this dilution should be carefully monitored. If not, it can cause respiratory and skin problems. Other chemical sprays would carry with them a slew of health hazards for both you and your pet. So the best way to do it is to go natural and use a 100% herbal solution like Kennel Spray, which does the job well, and also makes sure no harm comes to you.