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Dog Care: Ticks, fleas awareness and control for Dogs

Dog Care: Ticks, fleas awareness and control for Dogs

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Ticks, fleas Awareness and control for dogs

Ticks and Fleas Awareness: Ticks and fleas may seem like small annoyances on your pet, but they are much more than that, and their treatment is very important for a safe and healthy home for you and your dog. The flea is an insect, while the tick is an arachnid, and both have distinct body shapes, and feeding routines and behaviors; both of them are bad for your pet and sometimes you too. Fleas and ticks come from the outdoors. They get picked up by your dogs on walks around the park or even when playing in your garden. Ticks usually climb onto leaves and grass and wait for the dogs to brush by to latch onto them for dinner. Fleas more commonly get onto your dog when it comes in contact with another animal or person who carries them, or from infested environments.

Can humans get sick from dog fleas?

Fleas, in addition to creating itchy spots, can carry diseases. The most popular being tapeworms and they are not limited to pets either, and they can get to you too. The fleas transmit diseases including tapeworm and bartonellosis, while ticks result in Lyme disease and rocky mountain spotted fever. Both are dangerous and must be taken care of quickly. You can feel ticks and fleas while petting your cat or dog, and you can see them. They most often attach near the head, neck, ears, or paws and within folds of skin.

A Comb Can Kill The Fleas And Ticks On The Dog?

Combing a dog slowly from back to the front could reveal and critters on the dog, but it must be shallow combing, else the comb can kill the fleas and ticks on the dog, and leave the mouth-parts lodged into your dog. Ticks do not move after attaching the mouth-parts to the skin. They can be black, red, or brown in color and range from 1/8 to 1/2 inch in size. They have eight legs and look more like spiders, and so spotting them is easy. Fleas look very similar to bed bugs and are easily spotted too. Once spotted, you can use fine-tipped tweezers to remove the tick by grabbing from its head. If this method is tedious, there are a lot of products that you can purchase to remove ticks and fleas.

Products that you can purchase to remove ticks and fleas

Most chemical ones should be used very carefully, else it can harm your pet more than help it. A safer alternative is going Herbal. Herbal tick and flea repellents can make sure your pet dog doesn’t ever have to suffer blood loss by these little critters and also make sure there are no chemicals messing with it, and you, at all.