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Cockroach Control Home Remedies and Herbal Repellent

Cockroach Control Home Remedies and Herbal Repellent

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Cockroach Control Home Remedies and Herbal Repellent

Cockroach Control: Cockroaches prefer living in dark, damp, & dirty places. Regular cleaning of your living space may help ward off cockroaches with time. They mostly enter the rooms through drainage pipes. So, cover it up appropriately before you go to sleep. As they walk, they leave trails of fecal matter, which they use to find their way around. Cleaning this out will successfully lessen the presence of the undesirable cockroaches in your condos, villas, residences, inns and more.

Cockroach Control Tips: Take out your garbage regularly

You need to cover up your garbage cans in the house all the time and take it out as regularly as possible. Filth attracts cockroaches the most. As cockroaches eat garbage and waste, they can spread microscopic organisms like Salmonella and Shigella from place to place. Starve them of water Cockroaches need water to survive. They can go without food for months, but they could perish if they don’t get water every week. Clogging up leaking pipes, drying up bathrooms after use and making sure there are no leaks. Stagnating water around the house can help make sure you get rid of, if not kill any cockroaches.

Use the various home remedies

There are tons of home remedies, some that work, some that might not, that people follow to minimize cockroach menace in their homes. Some of them are the use of bay leaves, which could be crushed and spread around the corners of the house. A combination of sugar and baking soda, where the sugar attracts the cockroach, and the baking soda kills it is another common remedy.

Find the roach nest

Cockroaches generally love to stay in dark, damp areas, and they become active at night taking advantage of darkness. So while they are dynamic in your kitchen or any other dark place in the home, simply disturb them by switching on the light source and follow their route to the concealing spot or nest. Then eliminate the nest using your favored strategy.
Try the newest solution, the herbal method
If nothing works and if you are especially averse to chemical remedies, like us, then you can opt for the newest, herbal alternative. Herbal Strategi - JUST OUT Cockroach Repellent, a 100% herbal solution can help you rid your space of roaches. A continuous spray of JUST OUT for 10 days in the kitchen & bathroom areas will repel cockroaches. So put away your entire chemical & try out Herbal Cockroach Repellent to help keep your space roach less. Keep Your House Clean and Tidy