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Health risks from insect repellents

Health risks from insect repellents

John Thomas |

Health risks from insect repellents

Insect Repellent Health Risks: Most people in this country use insect repellents each day, and being a country with a tropical climate, we face a serious mosquito and bug infestation problem. Current insect repellents are abundant in the chemical variant. Most people do not understand that there are risks that come along with their usage. Most chemical repellents work with DEET. Persons using DEET may get hives or have mild redness and irritation. These symptoms are usually mild and will go away when the product is removed from the skin. There are chances it can get serious with prolonged use. If DEET is sprayed into the eyes, nose, or mouth, the person may feel a temporary burning sensation and have redness. If swallowed, it may cause moderate to severe stomach irritation, nausea, & vomiting. Low blood pressure and low heart rates may occur if a large amount is swallowed.

Chemical Repellents are completely safe?

By far, the most serious and devastating complication of large DEET poisonings is neurological damage. An ardent user may have disorientation, clumsiness when walking, seizures, or coma. Death is possible in these cases, unfortunately. But still, people continue to use these repellents, thinking nothing can go wrong. There are many companies contesting that repellents are completely safe and they cannot harm a person, but a recent survey by one, VP Sharma, has revealed that in India around 11.8% people get affected with health problems, where some had to get admitted to a hospital. Although 11.8% sounds very low, we are a country with a population of 1.22 billion. So 11.8% of that is 143,960,000 and that is a scary number and could be very easily you.

So what can you do about it?

Make a smart move to Herbal products. Herbal products are completely natural and have no potency to cause any sort of health problem. These products are also just as effective are their chemical counterparts. They will still drive away all the bugs that bug you, only without leaving behind a slew of symptoms and health problems.