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How to choose a herbal disinfectant product for your home

How to choose a herbal disinfectant product for your home

John Thomas |

How to choose a herbal disinfectant product for your home

There are countless chemical disinfectant products in the market. There might be many in your house right now. But is that a good thing? NO. Now herbal disinfectant products are here and they do everything all the chemical ones in your cupboards do, but better and safer.

Different types of herbal disinfectant products:

Herbal Strategi has four different products for you to consider in this space, two herbal mopping products and two hand sanitizers. Pick and choose according to your needs. And these are just more effective, if not more than their chemical counterparts, and are definitely much safer than the chemical ones as they are entirely natural in their composition, and can pose no harm at all if used as instructed.

So let's get to help you choose the disinfectant for you

Just Mop Spray is a Herbal All-Purpose Household Cleaner that can be used to clean/disinfectant kitchen table tops, glass, ovens, chimney, hobs etc. and while you're at it, the just mop concoction also helps repel insects and bugs that may be in those spaces. It is a one-stop hand help solution if you ever want to clean your kitchen especially as it not only cleans but also keeps unwanted germs and insects away from your food. To top it all off, it has a pleasant lemongrass fragrance.

Next is Just Mop – Herbal Surface Cleaner, Disinfectant, Insect Repellent which is the perfect floor cleaner you can find. It also functions like just mop spray, so it also cleans and repels. Again, the smell is very agreeable, and I know this because my father told me when I actually used it in my house.

Now when we talk about hand sanitizers, let's pick up Nature Clean – Herbal Hand Sanitizer. Nature Clean is made from aromatic oils and Herbal extracts which have antibacterial, fungicidal and anti-microbial properties which help keep viruses, bacteria and fungus at bay. It works like any other chemical sanitizer, except it is actually safe to use and will not have any sort of side effects or repercussions. Another variant of this is the Nature Rinse – Herbal Foam Hand Wash. It keeps your hands fresh and clean and offers protection against Germs. NatureRinse is an alternative to the various chemical based soaps available in the market. Naturespray is made from aromatic oils and plant extract and is effective in removing odors and grease on hands.

This one is our personal favorite.