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Indoor Mosquito Control, Safest Methods

Indoor Mosquito Control, Safest Methods

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Indoor Mosquito Control, Safest Methods

What comes to mind when you think of mosquito repellents? Nauseating smells coming from that little chemical mosquito repellent fuming in the corner of your room? Ineffective creams that make your skin burn more than mosquito bites? Little deadly mosquito coils that fend mosquitoes off only till they burn? Sick and tired of using the same old Chemical mosquito vaporizers and repellent creams that do more bad than good? Time for a change then. Time to look into Indoor Herbal Mosquito Repellent. Herbal Strategi has for you, a range of thoroughly researched and well tested natural mosquito repellents that can take the place of any chemical mosquito repellent you might be using. Herbal Strategi is a company making safe and tested mosquito repellents. So, people who might be affected by chemical products can find a safer alternative. Here is what it has to offer, in terms of indoor mosquito control, for the smart, green consumer.

Let's get started by looking at the standard of repellents

The Vaporizer, Mosrelief, is a Herbal vaporizer, made from a blend of Aromatic Oils and Plant Extracts which repels mosquitoes for over 8-12 hours. Start using this and you will never have to fear chemical fumes from other vaporizers and also mosquito bites.

Keep Mosquitoes Free and Safe Environment, Use Mosquito Repellents

Another solution is using the spray, Just Spray, which is a mosquito repellent spray which is completely herbal, which tells you it is very safe. Just Spray is a room spray, that you can use in your room instead of chemical sprays or any other repellents that can keep mosquitoes out of the room for long periods, letting you function in a free and safe environment. Another innovative and interesting idea to keep mosquitoes away is to use the Herbal Mosquito Repellent Body Spray. Herbal Strategi, a GMP certified company brings you a permanent solution (Mospray). It spares you the long chemical exposure, is non-toxic and eco-friendly, such as the product DEET, which is now banned. Most of the chemical mosquito repellents that we liberally use day after day are potential toxins, so now stop using chemical ones and think about a change (completely safe for the human body). So try your hand at one of these and think about a change in your repellent usage and solutions. Go herbal and you can keep yourself and your family safe from the ill effects of chemical repellents. Time for a change.