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Dangerous Household Cleaning Agents You Should Stop Buying

Dangerous Household Cleaning Agents You Should Stop Buying

John Thomas |

Dangerous Household Cleaning Agents You Should Stop Buying

We use so many household cleaning agents in our day to day lives. Cleaners for the floor, cleaners for various surfaces, cleaners for kitchens and the list go on. The everyday cleaners in our homes contain toxic chemicals like carcinogens (cancer-causing substances). It’s laborious to find a balance between keeping a clean home and protecting your family from harmful chemicals. There are many mysterious dangers around our home, most of which we have no control over. In a world of going green, it’s hard to tell which products produce a threat to your health and which simply natural alternatives are.

Household Cleaning Agents

Bathroom cleaning products contain dangerous chemicals that can affect your body’s basic functions. When you scrub with bathroom cleaner (made with sulfates and bleach), you breathe in toxic chlorine gas that can harm your respiratory and circulatory systems. Safe Alternative: Herbal Strategi Bathroom Cleaner™ does not contain any harmful chemical. It is non-toxic and biodegradable. No different product in the market does that to this level especially without the use of chemicals. (Where to use it: Sinks, tiles, fixtures, faucets, walls, & bathtubs) Floor Cleaners Mopping cleaners contain the chemicals phenol and nitro-benzene, which can be absorbed by your skin and can cause skin cancer. Safe Alternative: Herbal Strategi JustMop Floor Cleaner™ is completely eco-friendly. This natural disinfectant is gentle on your hands & nails whereas it’s harsh on stains, bugs, and germs. Add 15 ml of JustMop floor cleaner liquid into 4 liters of water. Gently mop the floor with a mop. (Uses: Tiles, Stone, Granite, & Indian Marble)

Kitchen Cleaners

Different types of cleaning products are used to keep the hotel/home kitchen and working area in a neat and hygienic condition. There is no responsibility greater than protecting the guests who eat the food which is produced from the kitchen. When it comes to toxic kitchen cleaners, they temporarily kill germs on surfaces. They cannot kill germs completely and do not provide long-lasting disinfection. Some disinfectant cleaners were found to contain APEO (alkylphenol ethoxylates). The metabolites of APEO are generally more toxic than the original compounds. Safe Alternative: Herbal Strategi Kitchen Cleaner Spray™ is made of plant extracts and natural oils. Being eco-friendly and safe, JustMop Kitchen Cleaner spray keeps any surface sparkling clean and prevents houseflies and fruit-flies. Air Fresheners Toxins found in air fresheners can accumulate in the body over time. According to the NRDC, those toxins may affect hormones and reproductive health, especially in children. Safe Alternative: You can use Herbal Strategi Room Freshener “Naturespray™” for your home, office, car, and bathroom. The product has been manufactured from ayurvedic ingredients and hence is safe. “Naturespray™” (Flavors: White lily, Lemon, Lavender, Sandal, & Rose)

Glass Cleaners

The chemical spray makes glass sparkle, but it can also cause major issues if you breathe it in. Chemical glass cleaner contains ammonia, isopropyl alcohol, or methanol. Ingesting ammonia is obviously not a good idea. It can cause your eyes to burn and irritate your respiratory system. Safe Alternative: Herbal Strategi Glass Cleaner Spray™ will help you avoid inhaling or ingesting toxic chemicals. Also, clean your windows more often to cut back on the amount of product used each time.
Toilet Bowl Cleaners
The corrosive ingredients that make acidic toilet bowl cleaners clean so well are the same ingredients that can cause burns on skin and eyes. They are also very dangerous when mixed with other types of cleaners. Safe Alternative: Herbal Strategi Toilet Cleaner™ is made from coconut based surfactants, soap nut oil, & lemon oil. This natural toilet cleaner minimizes calcification and removes hard water stains while fighting odor and deodorizing the toilet. It is an ideal cleaner for Western & Indian toilets. Disclaimer: Be aware that some labels that may make a product appear eco-friendly, natural, and organic are actually meaningless. For Ex, many aerosol spray and all-purpose cleaners have labeled no chlorofluorocarbons, which deplete the ozone layer, leading consumers to believe they are buying a more eco-friendly product by purchasing that brand. When ingredients are listed, choose products made with plant-based, rather than petroleum-based, ingredients. Safe Alternative: Our Herbal Strategi products are gentler on human health and the environment.