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Natural Cleaning Products (Pack of 7)

Natural Cleaning Products (Pack of 7)

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Herbal Home Hamper. A clean house will keep those in and around the house healthy. The use of natural and herbal disinfectants will not only kill the germs and bacteria and keep the surroundings clean, but it will also repel harmful insects. This does not cause any side effects unlike other chemical-based cleaning and repelling agents.

Herbal Natural Fabric Wash: Natural Fabric Wash - The Green Way! Herbal Strategi's Natural Fabric Wash is a simple, Biodegradable, Plant based fabric wash that promises to knock out hard stubborn stains from your fabric's It is made from natural ingredients like Soap Nut oils, Lemon oils and Coconut based surfactants. It is non-toxic and does not contain Phthalates, Chlorine and Artificial dyes etc. Get clean and soft cloths the greener way.

Herbal Toilet Cleaner. The eco-friendly way to clean your toilet. It helps to work against Calcification and hard water stains and deodorizes your toilets. The Earth friendly formula is biodegradable and made from Coconut based surfactants and aromatic oil extracts and plant derived cleaning agents.

Herbal Glass CleanerThis Herbal Glass Cleaner is made from Plant deriving ingredients with the presence of Essential oils which is tough on Dirt, but gentle to home and the earth. This product removes the smudges which accumulate on the surface instantly and repels insects

Herbal Floor CleanerThis Herbal Floor Cleaner and Insect Repellent is Non-Toxic and biodegradable. It acts as a natural disinfectant and repels bugs and Insects. Made exclusively from natural ingredients and Plant extracts. Safe for kids and cause zero side effects. Balance residual water can be used for home gardens

Herbal Kitchen Cleaner. The eco-friendly herbal kitchen cleaner spray keeps any surface sparkling clean and prevents houseflies or fruit-flies. This natural kitchen spray is made out of plant extracts and natural oils so that it is not toxic in nature. Being eco-friendly and safe, it’s the best substitute for chemical-based products that have perilous effects on you and your family

.Herbal Bathroom Cleaner. With all the thought we give to personal hygiene, we so often overlook parts of our home which will become a hotbed of germs. A dirty restroom in an otherwise beautiful house is a distasteful experience for guests as well. Use Herbal Strategi Eco-friendly Bathroom Cleaner, just like all our range of products.

Herbal Dishwashing Liquid:  Natural Dish Washer Liquid Detergent is a Non Toxic liquid which effectively cuts grease and powers through stubborn stains, leaving behind dazzlingly clean dishes, glasses and utensils. This Earth friendly formula is biodegradable and made from Plant extracts, Aromatic oil extracts and Plant derived cleaning agents.

Explore the entire range of Herbal Strategi Herbal Household kits which are 100% natural without any chemicals. Keep your home or office chemical free by using our organic products like Natural Kitchen Cleaner & Repellents (Pack of 5) & Herbal Strategi Gift Hamper for All Occasions (Pack of 11)

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What you see is what you get! 
  • Fabric Wash – Herbal Fabric Wash – 500 ml 
  • Toilet Cleaner - Herbal Toilet Disinfectant & Cleaner - 500 ml .
  • Glass Cleaner - Herbal Glass cleaner, Disinfectant & Insect Repellent - 500 ml
  • Just Mop – Herbal Floor Cleaner – 2 Liters 
  • Kitchen Cleaner - Herbal Kitchen cleaner, Disinfectant & Insect Repellent - 500ml
  • Bathroom Cleaner - Herbal Bathroom Cleaner - 500 ml.
  • Dishwashing Liquid - Herbal Dishwashing Liquid - 500 ml 

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