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Types of cleaning agents used in housekeeping

Types of cleaning agents used in housekeeping

Types of Cleaning Agents: Cleaning agents are substances usually liquids, sprays, powders, or granules used to remove dirt, including mud, stains, and muddle on surfaces. Purposes of cleaning agents include beauty, health, removing offensive odor, & avoiding the increase of dirt and contaminants to oneself & others. Natural All-purpose Cleaners:

Cleaners that are hazardous - harmful effects of chemical cleaning agents

We use so many cleaners in our day to day lives. Cleaners for the floor, cleaners for various surfaces, cleaners for kitchens and the list go on. So many cleaning products are commercially available in so many shapes, sizes, & fragrances; we purchase them to keep our house clean, sparkling, & sweet-smelling. Each time we go to the supermarket we wish to try new cleaners as all of them look so attractive and a pleasant smell. We want our homes to look clean and smell clean but at the same time did you know that we are harming our houses.

Now you must be imprecise how is cleaning our homes harm?

Well here is your answer; it’s been proven that 53% of cleaning products contain lung-harming chemicals. In addition to this, several carcinogens like formaldehyde and chloroform are found in cleaners. Cleaners vary in the type of health risk they pose, some cause acute or instant reactions. They cause skin or respiratory irritation, watery eyes or chemicals burns; while some react slowly and cause harm in the long run. Fragrances that are added to most of the cleaners are dangerous. They also affect you. They cause acute effects such as respiration, headache, sneezing and watery eyes in sensitive individuals and asthma sufferers. Several health hazards and so many chemicals around tend to even pollute the air inside our houses. You can feel good about your green efforts when you choose eco-friendly products for cleaning, mopping solutions & dusting solutions. Our herbal cleaners available in the markets are made of plant extracts and aromatic oils such as lemongrass, devadaru oil, etc. They are harmless and leave your surfaces spotless. They are 100% natural and herbal, hence making it a safer choice. So this month don’t forget to add our just mop cleaners to your shopping list! Herbal Cleaners Herbal Strategi Floor Cleaner (Disinfectant & Insect Repellent) 500ml View in store