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Is phenol a safe disinfectant? Phenols and its derivatives are used in most urban homes and the common perception is that phenols clean and disinfect the floors. The aromatic smell of phenols gives a false feeling that the floors are clean, but the truth is that phenols are only a disinfectant and not a surface cleaner. Phenol or carbolic acid and its derivatives are classified as corrosive and toxic by the National Institute of Health and also classified as a known carcinogen by the State of California. Many common disinfectants out there contain phenols-caustic, toxic, & dangerous compounds that are used to cover smells. And they are used in everything from all-purpose cleaning sprays to toilet bowl cleaners.

What are the side effects of phenol?

Phenols and its derivatives are dangerous as they can get absorbed into the skin and into the bloodstream much faster which then causes toxicity throughout the entire body. They affect the central nervous system, heart, blood vessels, lungs, and kidneys. Phenols are not biodegradable and get back into the water table and into our drinking water.

What is the best floor cleaner/safe disinfectant?

Even the environmental protection agency lists disinfectants that contain phenols as “corrosive and toxic.” So why take your chances with phenol-containing products when safe alternative, like Herbal StrategiJustMop Floor Cleaner” that clean all the way down to a microscopic level without the use of a harmful cleaning agent, is available. JustMop is a unique blend of plant extracts and aromatic oils. It has the distinct quality of killing 99.9% germs cleans tough stains and repels insects such as ants, houseflies, cockroaches, and other insects. The active ingredients of JustMop are Pine Tree Oil, Lemongrass, and Cedarwood. So when it comes to keeping your home clean in spite of your busy schedule, a good rule of thumb to remember is a chemical-free floor cleaner. Say no to chemicals! Bring home the Just Mop – Herbal Surface Cleaner, Disinfectant, Insect Repellent > (3-in-1=Just Mop)