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Non-toxic methods for insect control

Non-toxic methods for insect control

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Non-dangerous methods for insect control | Pest Control Products for Termites, Housefly, Cockroaches, Ant, & Mosquitoes

Chemical pesticides are abundant in this day and age and there are people to continue buying it too. But the use of these is not as safe as we are led to think. So here are a couple of non-toxic methods of insect control (Pest Control Products). A clean home is an insect-free home: A clean home, one without food lying around, unwashed clothes were thrown about, has garbage outside the bin or inside the house can go a long way in keeping insects away. All food and natural waste attract insects which will feed and breed right there. Ensure the kitchen and restroom are sparkly clean; these are the two most insect infested places in a house. Make sure the house is clean; vacuum it as often as possible. If you have a pet, make sure it is clean and does not carry insects with it.

Seal all entry points for insects:

Now that your house itself is sealed off, you need to make sure that there is no more inflow of the little critters. To do this, make sure you seal up all entry points for these insects. Be it tiny holes in the walls, small crevices in the bathroom, or clean pathways in the kitchen, seal them with various market sealers and make sure they are impenetrable, so that there are no more insects making their way into your place. Take help from nature: There are countless natural remedies to keep insects at bay. Some examples are crushed mint leaves or cloves. Spread out crushed mint leaves or cloves at places where insects are usually found and they will help dispel them. You can do the same with tea bags, ground coffee beans, Neem and Eucalyptus oils, cucumber slices, pepper or even crushed garlic. Any of these things will work wonders if put at the entry points of these insects and will stop the further inflow.

Take help from natural pest control products:

Along with all these, if you want to speed up your insect extermination project, you should use herbal disinfectants like Herbal Strategi JustMop - Kitchen Cleaner, Floor Cleaner to ensure your living space is clean as they also have insect repelling properties alongside supreme cleaning.
  • You can start using herbal insect repellent like Herbal Strategi JustOut for:

How to control insects at home



Herbal JustOut repellent is a natural and safe alternative that can be sprinkled in areas where roaches congregate, especially hidden areas such as cabinet tops and behind appliances, harmless to people. For indoor fly infestations, the best repellent you can use is the Herbal Strategi Housefly Repellent Spray, now available in our online store.


Mosquitoes (indoor)

Herbal Ant Repellent is a 100% natural, non-toxic, and biodegradable. It is made up of completely natural ingredients and plant extracts. Non-harmful natural controls for mosquitoes are now commercially available. Mosquito Repellent Room Spray (JustSpray) is the best example of a highly effective mosquito spray that is safe for pets, birds, people and other natural life.


Our Herbal Termite Repellent is made from lemongrass, neem, and cedarwood. This is the best way to remove termites in a natural way.