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5 Hacks To Keep Mosquitoes At Bay This Summer

5 Hacks To Keep Mosquitoes At Bay This Summer

John Thomas |

Best 5 Unbelievable Hacks To Keep Mosquitoes Away Naturally This Summer

Here are five hacks to keep mosquitoes away naturally you can get rid of pesky mosquitoes this summer. Thank us later when you rest free every day out on your porch, reading a newspaper, instead of swatting mosquitoes with it. Get Rid Of Stagnant Water The first step you should take to keep mosquitoes away is to stop them from breeding and making more of themselves. Check your house and its surroundings on a regular basis for stagnant water. If you see water-logging anywhere near your home or office, make sure to get it cleaned up as soon as possible. Why? Because mosquitoes really lay their eggs in standing or moderate moving water. Standing water is the breeding place of mosquitoes and harbors many diseases, and is the one main place mosquitoes come from.

Maintain Your Lawn

Another important part of your anti-mosquito campaign is a well-maintained lawn or garden. Unkempt or extra-long grass attracts mosquitoes and other insects, & they can be harmful to your lovely kids and pets. Check your Garden growth from time to time and make sure it doesn't become a dwelling place for mosquitoes and their larvae. A clean and well-maintained garden cannot only stop mosquito breeding but also resist it. Physical means There are many things you can do to physically make sure mosquitoes don’t bother you. One of the easiest methods is to dress thick and full. If you wear clothes from head to toe, mosquitoes will not have any place to bite, and thus leave you alone. Or you can set up mosquito nets around the house, for example on the windows, so you can enjoy a cool breeze without worry of mosquitoes entering. One easier hack is to switch on a fan facing you when at home as the wind will deter mosquitoes. Go Natural Some plants and small little things around the house can help you shoo away mosquitoes. Eucalyptus and Lemongrass, and even Neem can help you get mosquitoes away, at least for a little while. Same goes for Crushed Coffee Beans and Garlic; they will send mosquitoes flying away from you. But this isn't too effective.

Even Better Hacks To Keep Mosquitoes Away Naturally, Go Herbal

Are mosquitoes still bugging you? Do not fret; this last hack will definitely make you go sigh in relief and joy. Just use some of the many herbal mosquito repellents out in the market to help you along your quest to beat the mosquitoes. Products like (Mospray) Herbal Strategi Mosquito Repellent Body Spray or (Mosrelief) Mosquito Repellent Vaporizer would help a lot to diminish, if not totally erase mosquito numbers. Move away from chemical products that can be very harmful to you and people around you, and move on to the safe and sure herbal option. See, didn't I say I would fix your problem. These mosquitoes repelling hack will surely make your summer a more bearable one.