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Protect Your Children From Dengue

Dengue Fever has been one of the most disturbing diseases of late which has caused several deaths and has become a major public health concern (dengue prevention tips). Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne infection transmitted to humans through the bites of the infected Aedes aegypti mosquitoes. Aedes Mosquitoes normally bites during the day especially during morning hours and in the evening before sunset and is on a feeding frenzy during rainy and cloudy weather. The Dengue virus belongs to the family Flaviviridae and manifests in three forms namely through the Dengue Fever, the Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever, and also the Dengue Shock Syndrome.
  1. Dengue fever comes with severe headaches, chills, pain upon moving eyes, joint pain and rashes on lower limbs and chests.
  2. The Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever is more severe with the same symptoms of Dengue fever plus pain in the abdomen, bleeding from nose and mouth, frequent vomiting, etc.
  3. Dengue shock syndrome has additional symptoms of weak rapid pulse, narrow pulse pressure, cold, and clammy skin.

Dengue prevention tips and control measures

There are no specific antiviral tablets or injections that can kill the virus. A lot of supportive care and treatment can help in saving a patient from Dengue. Also, close monitoring of the platelet count is a must with platelet transfusion in extreme emergency cases. Lots of fluids intake and normal antipyretics to control fever can help in overcoming this deadly disease. Prevention of Mosquito bites is the only way to address the occurrence of Dengue Fever. Vector preventive measures such as;
  • Keeping the surroundings clean.
  • Not allowing water to stagnate in coconut shells, plastic, or glass containers.
  • Avoid piling of garbage in an area near your house and surroundings.
These are the most important measures to be taken. The other precaution is to use safe and non-toxic repellents which are effective for outdoor use. School children are most susceptible to mosquito bites when they leave for school, at the school, and when they return from school in the evening. Most of the mosquito repellents available are creams, lotions, and wipes made from chemicals and which are greasy and toxic to the skin when used regularly. There is an urgent need for a safe non-toxic repellent for outdoor use.

Which is the most effective and safe mosquito repellent for outdoors?

  • First of all, MOSPRAY is a 100% Natural Mosquito Repellent Body Spray made from Aromatic oils and Herbal Extracts.
  • Main ingredients are Tulsi oil, Lemongrass oil, Eucalyptus oil and Palmarosa oil.
  • Even more, Mospray is a water-based liquid and is safe on skin, non-toxic, and eco-friendly.
  • Probably, Mospray has to be sprayed 6-8 inches away from exposed skin and has to be spread evenly by the palm of the hand.
  • To apply on face, spray on the palm of the hand and then spread evenly on face, neck, and ears.
  • Mospray, when applied, keeps mosquitoes away for 4-5 hrs.