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Why Air Fresheners are a terrible compromise on your health?

John Thomas |

Why Air Fresheners are a terrible compromise on your health?

Are there any safe air fresheners? Air Fresheners have been extremely common, but the concept behind them is flawed. For instance, air fresheners are used to masks odours, but those smells exist for a reason as their source (bacteria and fungi) has not been eliminated. People are much more likely to become sick while using these both from the chemicals released and from the moulds and bacteria left growing unchecked. Air freshener inhibits your ability to smell because they were designed as chemical numbing agents for the nasal area which is very dangerous. What harmful chemicals are in air fresheners? Most air fresheners contain dangerous chemicals like toluene, benzene, formaldehyde, and phthalates. Some of these are carcinogenic and studies have linked these chemicals to lung damage, bronchitis, asthma, reproductive harm and in extreme cases cancer. To learn more, please click here. If air fresheners contain little amounts of those chemicals, low-dose exposure can act in an additive manner & cause equivalent health hazards as a higher dose. Unfortunately, consumers aren’t protected and companies aren’t required to disclose the full list of substances in their air fresheners. Most brands use broad terms like odour eliminator or fragrance, among others; which may hide dozens of chemicals, many of which may never have been assessed for safety. If you opt to use an air freshener, a careful selection may reduce chemical exposure to those dangerous chemicals.

How can I make my house smell good without chemicals? (Safe Air Fresheners)

Herbal Strategi, a Bangalore-based company, brings you NatureSpray. NatureSpray keeps your room fresh and sanitized by removing state and musty odours from their source without the harmful side effects of chemical-based air fresheners. NatureSpray is an aromatic herbal room freshener. It has a unique blend of herbal extracts and aromatic oils, which ensures that the living space is deodorized, germ-free. NatureSpray is a non-toxic, safe, and eco-friendly room air freshener. Its main ingredients are Lemongrass oil, Margosa oil, Himalayan cedar oil, and lemon oil extracts.