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Papaya Leaves Juice For Dengue Fever

John Thomas |

Papaya Leaves Juice For Dengue Fever

Papaya leaf liquid is extracted from the leaves of the papaya plant. The papaya fruit is well known for its wide selection of health advantages. But, did you know that even the juice from papaya leaves can be more beneficial? Just recently, its medicinal properties to combat dengue, cancer, and other deadly diseases have been proven. This has made it extremely popular among the people. What is the fastest way to cure dengue fever? Dengue fever is a major concern these days with so many rising numbers of cases. As such, simple but effective treatment is required to control it. Papaya leaf juice is the solution to this problem, which is effective & even inexpensive. It can fight against the causes of dengue fever and even cure patients who have already been affected by it. The anti-cancer properties and other wide range of properties make papaya leaf juice a well-known medicinal juice.

How to reduce dengue fever home remedies?

The papaya leaf juice has become a popular home remedy for vector-borne diseases now and apparently, you may recover from dengue in three days of drinking the juice. It’s believed that the juice cools down a hot body, bringing down fever. If you know anybody who’s been diagnosed with dengue, tell them to take two fresh green papaya leaves, wash and pound and using a clean filter cloth squeeze out the liquid, you will get about a tablespoon full of liquid per leaf. Do not boil or cook the juice and use only the leafy part, no stem or sap.

How to Make Papaya Leaves Juice:

  • Two pieces of fresh Papaya leaves.
  • Clean the leaves and pound & squeeze with a filter cloth.
  • You will only get 1 tablespoon of juice per leaf. So, take 2 tablespoons of Pawpaw (Papaya) leaf juice q.d. (once a day).
  • Do not cook, boil, or rinse the leaves with hot water because it will lose its strength.
  • Use only the leafy part of the Papaya plant, and not the stem or sap.
  • The juice is incredibly bitter, and you have to swallow it. But it works. Simple & Effective blend the leaves, squeeze the juice and drink immediately.

How can dengue be controlled and prevented?

  1. Avoid dengue by preventing mosquito bites.
  2. Ensure there is no stagnant water in or around your home.
  3. Apply herbal mosquito repellent body spray even when you are indoors - Mospray.
  4. Spray herbal mosquito room repellent in dark corners, under the beds, behind sofas, etc - Justspray™.
  5. Keep the containers covered to avoid water accumulation.
  6. Keep vases clean and change the water every day.
  7. Cover your windows and doors with net screens.