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Bed Bug Control & Natural Bed Bug Treatment Products

Bed Bug Control & Natural Bed Bug Treatment Products

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Bed Bug Control and Natural Bed Bug Treatment Products

If you are worried of red, itchy bites on our skin and wondering what it could be – then you are in for a bit of a challenge. It could plainly be a bed bug problem with your place. This problem is more in developed countries like the United States. These bed bugs don’t seem to spread diseases or not established so far from one person to another, but they do cause a lot of itching. The adult bed bugs are reddish brown in color. They are flat; they are oval and can get past any little space they see. So they could be hiding in your bed and they could be hiding in your furniture too. Warmth attracts bed suckers and they usually feed during the night. Bed bugs don’t fly, they can move very quickly over ceilings, floors, & walls. The female bedbug lays hundreds of eggs. These eggs are hardly the size of a speck of dust. An adult female bedbug can produce about 3-4 generations per year. Bedbugs hide in small spaces such as mattresses, furniture, etc. Bedbugs feed for about 3-10 minutes and while they feed, we will never know the pain. The itch starts only when they are gone after they have taken their fill.

Which countries have the biggest bed bug problem?

Developed countries such as the United States & countries in the Middle East have reported issues with bed bugs. Regions like Oman, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordan, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia to deal with pests and bed bugs with the help of pest control companies. Herbal Strategi not only sells in India but also helps these companies to fight bed bugs, cockroaches, and mosquitoes with the help of herbal pest and natural bedbug control treatment products which are proven, certified and derived incredible results.

Herbal Strategi not only sells in India

The natural bed bug repellents are manufactured in a facility well monitored under the best standards approved. Herbal Strategi also exports herbal repellents outside of India to help deal countries fight bed bug control. Do call us or write to us for any requirement.