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John Thomas |

Phenols and its derivatives are used in most urban homes and the common perception is that phenols clean and disinfect the floors .The aromatic smell of phenols gives a false feeling that the floors are clean but the truth is that phenols is only a disinfectant and not a surface cleaner. Phenol or carbolic acid and its derivatives are classified as corrosive and toxic by the National Institute of Health and also classified as a known carcinogen by the State of California.

The main reason as to why Phenols and its derivatives are so dangerous is due to the fact that they have high dermal penetration which means that they can get absorbed into the skin and into the blood stream much faster which then causes toxicity through out the entire body.

Phenols and its derivatives affect the central nervous system, heart, blood vessels, lungs and kidneys and most common symptoms are delirium, pulmonary distress, dark urine, burns and numbness on skin, cardiac damage, pneumonia, muscle pain, anorexia, muscle weakness, kidney damage, diarrhea, burning eyes etc. The large quantities of Phenols used in urban areas also pose another problem as phenols are not bio degradable as a result gets back into the water table and into our drinking water.

There is an urgent need for a SAFE product which has the quality of a Surface Cleaner, Disinfectant and which is Natural.
Presenting JUST MOP a Natural Disinfectant, Natural Surface Cleaner and a Natural Insect repellent. JUST MOP is safe, non toxic and eco friendly.

JUST MOP is a unique blend of plant extracts and aromatic oils which has the distinct quality of killing 99.9%germs cleans tough stains and repels insects such as ants, houseflies, small cockroaches and small insects. The active ingredients of Just Mop are Pine Tree Oil, Lemon Grass and Cedar Wood.