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Why Indians Are Choosing Natural Over Chemical Products

Why Indians Are Choosing Natural Over Chemical Products

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Why Indians Are Choosing Natural Over Chemical Products

The consciousness and increased awareness about the relevance of sustainable development goals have reached the ears and created an impact in the minds of today’s generation. Not only the millennials but also the generation before them are leaning towards more environment-friendly practices in terms of choosing products and more permanent incorporation in their lifestyle. There is an added advantage of choosing a natural product over the ones filled with chemicals – they are also not harmful to the people using them. 

The enhanced sense of being more environmentally conscious in the Indian citizens has driven their approach to become more oriented towards a chemical-free life. Whether it is for their household in terms of cleaning products, or self-care-related factors like shampoos and conditioners, people do stop in the aisles of shopping malls or convenience stores and read about the ingredients to find a natural product that will fit their purpose. This shift in their thinking and overall consumerism has given rise to a new sector in the market – businesses, and companies that are oriented towards catering to the needs of the population that prefer to use eco-friendly products.

The Damage Created By Harsh Chemicals

We are a country that is led by popular beliefs in the natural practices of medicine and healing in the form of yoga. Since time immemorial, many Indian citizens have based their values and faith in herbal products. Ayurvedic medicine, natural shampoos, home remedies for mosquitoes like camphor, etc were all a part of ancient Indian culture. While this trend has depleted to a certain extent a while back, we are now moving back to bringing it back to life. The major reason for this would be the awareness of the damage that chemical products can cause to oneself and also the surrounding environment.

The chemicals that are used to make cleaning products, household products, beauty products, etc can cause more damage in the long run. Inhalation of toxic substances or application to the skin or hair might ruin the natural integrity. Exposure to children and pets can also be harmful as it can cause several kinds of issues like skin irritation, asthma, rashes, hair fall, etc. Long-term contact with these chemicals might be unhealthy for everyone. This is why it was important to shift the trend back to the use of natural herbal products. 

Increase of conscious consumerism amidst the pandemic

Looking for words like ‘organic’, ‘herbal’, ‘100% cruelty-free, ‘environment-friendly’, etc in the products that you purchase? You have a new world right in front of you. Being aware and facing the damage that is caused by harsh chemical products is sure to bring about a change in your shopping habits. Research and data have proven a global shift in consumerism as people are also looking for more chemical-free products even when they are shopping online. Not only cleaning but other sectors like shoes, bags, etc are also drifting more towards being a part of the natural product trend. 

One thing that has helped this shift is the pandemic. Being at home in lockdown and the inability to access the so-called ‘necessary’ chemical products has brought to light the effectiveness of the original natural product. Many people made their own herbal products at home and used them on their skin and hair or even for cleaning. Since then, there has been an upward trend in the sales of such products even in the markets. The post-pandemic era has altered the perceptions towards the use of natural products and more people are now making full use of the several items on the counters and shelves of supermarkets and shops. Even the online sales for these products have increased. 

Eco-Friendly products and their advantages

Why should we use more herbal products when the others work just fine? Is there a need to shift to a natural product unnecessarily? What if they do not give the results that are needed? These are natural questions – however, the unparalleled advantages in every sphere that are offered by natural products have left little room for doubt in the minds of Indian consumers. These products are made without any harm to animals, they are cruelty-free and also take into account many environmental factors. Since they do not release chemicals into the ecosystem, they are also sustainable in the future

Even long-term exposure would not harm the persons using them and they also leave a fresh aroma along with impeccable hygiene. Companies also take special care while packing chemical-free by not using plastic. Other benefits of using a natural product would be that they can be made specific to the needs. For example, in case you need to buy a product that would get rid of a mosquito infestation, you can choose the ones that are well-researched and made particularly to tackle mosquitoes. This would mean that the ingredients used would work well against the problem you want to deal with. Moreover, these products are not expensive and give the exact result that you need. 

If you are looking for a natural product for a specific problem or even multiple ones, choose Herbal Strategi! The brand takes into account the macro and micro needs that the general Indian population might face and the products are prepared to keep those in mind. Ant repellents, mosquito repellents, lizard repellents, garden care products, pet shampoo, and other natural herbal products are available even online. With a simple click of a button, you can now order these products at home without even having to step out. 

Personal and household hygiene products, pet care natural product options, and outdoor, garden, and plant-based products are all available – each of them with its own advantages. You can also read about the exact ingredients used and their respective concentrations in each of the natural product varieties available. You would also have the option to select the aroma and fragrance that you find best suited for you! Select from the wide range of products.