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Health risk for mosquito repellents and its safe alternatives

Health risk for mosquito repellents and its safe alternatives

John Thomas |

Health risk for mosquito repellents and its safe alternatives

Health risk for Mosquito Repellents: Mosquito repellents come in various packages, generally vaporizers, and then coils and creams. But not all of them are as safe as we think they are. Each of them carries various health hazards, which can be avoided if you know about them. Mosquito vaporizers expel small, perilous particulates that can cause a lot of harm in people if they are absorbed in the long term, especially nervous disorders Prallethrin, another compound used in these repellents can cause headache, dizziness, and drowsiness and can sometimes lead to asphyxiation and suffocation. The ingestion of this Prallethrin gives rise to sore throat, nausea, vomiting, and stomach pain within minutes. These are not light issues, and can further cause convulsion and harm a person invariably. Allethrin is again another particulate that is found in these vaporizers and its short-term exposure may cause tingling, itching, burning, numbness, or a feeling of warmth. Exposure to large doses by any route may lead to nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, hyper-excitability, incoordination, tremors, and convulsive twitching. All these chemicals are used in vaporizers, sprays, and creams.

Health risks of mosquito coils and side effects

The coils we burn can lead to various brain-related damages as most people burn coils inside and don’t have appropriate ventilation and end up inhaling all the chemicals. These chemicals are also carcinogens. Carcinogens are any substances that can cause cancer. We all know cancer is an incurable illness. Do you really want to spend money on chemical repellents when they can cost you your happiness and lives? So what you need are safe alternatives. You can probably go for natural remedies like ground coffee beans or garlic, or maybe neem and eucalyptus oils.

Which mosquito repellents are safe?

Your best bet at a mosquito-free life is to choose for Herbal Strategi Natural Repellents that will give you the same benefits as chemical anti-agents do, minus the side effects and health hazards. The mosquito repellent market in India is almost completely made up of chemical repellent brands. But you should be a smart customer and choose natural mosquito room/body spray, vaporizer, and oil that will make your home mosquito free, and let you live a safe healthy life too.