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12 Different Types of Air Fresheners & How They Work - Herbal Strategi

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Different Types of Air Fresheners & How They Work

It is no secret that all of us have tried multiple ways to make our home smell better. The use of incense is a tradition in Indian households. Every day the familiar aroma of incense wafts across the room and brings back memories of childhood. As time passed, there were many other options available in the market that were more practical substitutes for flowers and incense. No matter which space you are looking for, the types of room freshener available in the market will astound you. Depending on your requirement, there are many types of natural room freshener that you can choose from. Here is a complete guide to buying the correct one for yourself. 

Purpose of Air Fresheners

Before you rush into buying a room freshener and wondering which one is best, understand why you actually wish to buy it. Some people want to buy it to add fragrance to a space, while some have the need for it in a place where there are other odors. Depending on the requirement you can decide the types of air freshener. And the way the fragrance is dispensed. The basic purpose of various of these is to make a space smell great without overwhelming you. 

Types of Air Fresheners

With the advancement in technology and demands by people, there has been a rise in the types of air fresheners available. Starting from the incense to smart dispensers which spray types of room freshener periodically, the range is worth exploring. Let us take a closer look at what different types of air fresheners are available. 

Air Fan Air Fresheners

These are essentially types of room fresheners that have a cartridge or oils filled in them and the fragrance is dispersed in a room using the fan. These are great for homes and your cars too. They are generally battery-operated but there are many models that have solar-powered ones too. You need to be mindful of your usage and keep a few refills on hand in case you run out. You can adjust the speed of the fan and the frequency of the start and stop. You can also set timings and set them on auto-stop. These are on the more expensive side and are a little more complicated to operate. 

Traditional Air Fresheners

Different types of air fresheners have been used for a long time and there are some traditional air fresheners too. Traditional air fresheners include tying up camphor in a muslin cloth and leaving it in your drawers and cupboards to ward off the unpleasant smell. Another popular way was to have a bottle with a porous wood lid and a long stick attached to the lid. The fragrance would get dispensed due to the oil getting seeped into the wood. Once the oil is over, you can replenish it and use the same bottle again. 

Non-Mechanical Aroma Diffusers

There are ways in which you need not use any heat or machines to dispense smell and these types of air fresheners are known as non-mechanical aroma diffusers. These can include the usage of crystals like naphthalene balls.

Evaporative Diffusers

The reed diffusers are a great example of this. The essential oil or crystals are allowed to evaporate directly into the air without using any other medium. They keep giving out a faint smell and are perfect for closed and small spaces that have very little to no airflow. 

Ultrasonic Diffusers

Ultrasonic diffusers are great for when you stay in a dry region and you constantly want the machine working in the background. The intensity of the smell is lesser but the advantages include quick dispensing of oil particles through steam. 

Time-Operated Mist Dispensers

These types of room freshener are seen in hotel lobbies or other outdoor places. They are battery-operated and require very less human intervention. These types of room freshener dispense a mist of fragrance from a cartridge according to the set time and ensure the place always smells great. It is vital to keep cartridges on hand and a few batteries with you for backup. 


Plug-ins can be of 2 types. One is the kind where there is a machine with a cartridge and all you need to do is plug it in. The other kind is where you plug it in. It heats the metal plate or the bulb under the ceramic causing the essential oils to vaporize and then leave the house smelling amazing. Amongst types of room fresheners, these are the most compact and use the least amount of electricity. 

Aroma Beads

Aroma beads are essentially jelly-like balls that need to be soaked in essential oils or they come pre-soaked as well. They can be placed in bags in wardrobes or corners of the house that require a dash of good smell. These types of air freshener are sensitive to heat and should be kept in a cool and dark place otherwise the beads can melt and make the whole area messy. 


The most elegant and aesthetically appealing of all the types of air fresheners is Potpourri. It can be used as a showpiece and when the smell reduces you can replenish it by adding oil drops to it. 


One of the oldest types of air freshener is, incense sticks it is a big hit even now. The fragrances have increased and they may have become multi-purpose but they are still used in almost every household. 

Scented Candles

The latest trend added to a long list of things, scented candles are the most preferred type of room freshener. They look pretty and you can stop it immediately by blowing them out. It can be restarted again whenever you please and you do not need special equipment or oils to get the best out of them. They also make for great gifts and look romantic. 

Organic Air Fresheners For You

Despite many options, there are very few that require no electricity, no mechanism, no special setup, and are safe, pet-proof, or child-proof. Herbal Strategi brings you products made using natural ingredients that are easy to use and incredibly effective. These sprays will ensure your home is always smelling great and you don’t have to worry about maintaining anything. These are portable and can be carried around in your bag wherever you go!