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Best Bathroom Cleaning Tips And Tricks

Pritam Bhopale |

When you take a long and hard look at your house, you realize that there are places that need constant care and attention. These spaces require more than simple dusting, and one of these places is the bathroom in the house. No matter how clean your home is, if your bathroom is unclean, it represents poor hygiene. The bathroom needs to be cleaned thoroughly to ensure no build-up of bacteria and no unpleasant odors. A good bathroom cleaner for the bathroom floor can make your job easier and restore the shine of the bathroom. With a few tips and tricks, the grueling task of scrubbing down your bathroom can become much easier and leave your space shining.

Content Table:

    1. Remove all items from their usual spots
    2. Dust and Sweep
    3. Apply cleaner to the shower and bathtub
    4. Clean Other Surfaces
    5. Mix cleaning solution for floor
    6. Clean the vanity area
    7. Mop the floor

Steps on How to Clean a Bathroom

If you clean the bathroom systematically and in a particular order, you will get the best benefit and your bathroom will sparkle without you having to put in the double effort. There are some places that can be overlooked completely. Here are some tips to clean your bathroom and return it to its new and sparkling state. Even the best bathroom cleaner will only be used if you follow the cleaning steps properly.

Remove All Items From Their Usual Spots

Items sitting on shelves in their spots for a long time gather dirt and grime under them. The collection is challenging to get rid of and may need to be physically scrubbed. If there is a metal container like a toothbrush holder or such, there may also be rust marks under the container, which can also stain the vanity counter. Remove all the items from their spots and clean the counter properly.

If you wish to avoid any rust marks on surfaces due to metal containers, you can coat the areas that will come in contact with the counters with nail polish. A transparent coat is not noticeable, and your counters will remain safe too.

The first step is to get rid of all the items sitting on the shelves and in the bathroom and keep them away safely.

Dust and Sweep

How many times have you honestly noticed the ceiling and corners of the bathroom? The walls and ceiling are the most ignored areas in a bathroom. A simple act of dusting the walls, mirrors, lights, and other fixtures that do not come in contact with water can brighten up the place tremendously. The windows and the exhaust fans or vents also need time to time dusting or vacuuming. Sweep the dry areas to ensure you get rid of the dust. When water spills or falls on dust, it becomes sticky and more difficult to get rid of. The correct order to clean in this case would be top to bottom, as the dust on the ceiling and walls will fall down and cause the floor to get dirty.

Apply Cleaner to the Shower and Bathtub

Whenever you are using any shower cleaner, it is essential to use it according to the directions given on the bottle to get the best result. This involves dilution levels, method of usage, and so on. Apply the bathroom cleaner on the shower and bathtub and allow it to work its magic on the stubborn stains, and grime in every corner. After the chemical is applied, clean it off with a wet cloth or wash it off.

Clean Other Surfaces

Do not miss out on surfaces like the chrome fixtures that often come in contact with water and usually have stains on them. Apart from this, an area under the washbasin, outside of the shower cubicle, corners of the cubicle, and bathtub, are to be noticed. Apart from this, if you have light fittings, it is advisable to remove them and clean them with a damp cloth once they are cool. Every surface may demand a different bathroom cleaner and a method of cleaning as well.

Mix Cleaning Solution for Floor

Cleaning the bathroom floor can be a task, especially because of the grouting. It is white in color and if the bathroom is clean, the grouting can ruin the appearance. You can restore the shine of the original bathroom by using a mixture of baking soda and bleach or a bathroom floor cleaner. This paste (3/4th cup baking soda and 1/4th cup bleach) can be prepared and applied on the grouting and left for 30 minutes to make the bathroom shine.

Clean The Vanity Area

The vanity area may have a line of bottles, tubes, and such products along with a mirror. The products need to be removed carefully and then the counter can be cleaned thoroughly. Don't forget to wash or wipe the products because dust settles on them too, making them look dirty.

Mop the Floor

The floor should be cleaned at the end. All the dirt falling from the top gets accumulated on the floor and you can mop the floor at the end. Mopping in dry areas is essential as splashes can leave stains behind. Apart from this, a mix of dust and water can become hard over time and be difficult to remove later.

FAQ on Tips and Tricks for Bathroom Cleaning

How do I Clean My Bathroom Like a Professional?

Use the proper chemicals like a shower cleaner and the proper tools to ensure you get the best results. Clean everything in your bathroom in the appropriate order and practice circling the room once to do everything.

Is it Better to Clean a Shower Wet or Dry?

The best time to clean a shower is right after you use it. If not, you should clean it wet and use hot water so that the steam loosens the dirt and makes your job easier. Use a shower cleaner and watch your shower shine.

Which is the Best Bathroom Cleaner?

Herbal Strategi has a great organic bathroom cleaning liquid that is effective and makes your bathroom smell absolutely great.