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Benefits of Natural Laundry Detergent over Regular Detergents

Pritam Bhopale |

Dressing is an art of all mankind which we so much are in love with. Everyone wants to be well-dressed and appear their best in their workplaces as well as at home. Putting on fresh and clean clothes every day gives us a great feeling. However, maintaining the used clothes and washing them regularly without damaging the fabric is a huge task. Sometimes, we are not sure which detergent is suitable for the fabric and when doing laundry, we all are concerned about the damage or fading away of color from the clothes makes us worry. It is also important to consider the detergent that is safe for the whole family including babies and the environment. Hence, using herbal-based detergent is beneficial to maintain the fabric and this is what we need to understand while choosing the appropriate detergent. Herbal-based detergents are very much helpful in keeping clothes and are eco-friendly.

All these years we have been running to laundry detergent without properly understanding its impact on the clothes, our family and the environment as a whole. Let us find out the benefits of using plant-based detergent over regular detergent.

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7 Benefits of Herbal Laundry Detergent Over Regular Detergents

Skin Sensitivity

We always have a notion that laundry detergents effectively remove stains from clothes because of the chemicals they contain. However, it is the other way around which means the presence of various synthetic chemicals, such as sodium laureth sulfate, formaldehyde, synthetic fragrances, chlorine etc., are actually spoiling the fabric. These chemicals are dangerous on their own but also increase the risk of skin-related issues like eczema, Rosacea and psoriasis. The chemical present in the fabric can seep into the pores of the skin and cause certain forms of cancer.

Plant-based laundry detergents are made by using natural ingredients. Therefore, they are safe for people with skin problems, people with sensitive skin and even infants. Plant-based laundry is better for the category of skin sensitivity rather than regular ones.


Regular detergent contains several chemicals which impact the environment around us. After the washing of clothes, the water drains out into the waterways. The chemicals present in regular detergent do not break down easily and so cause harm to the ecosystem. The toxins can poison fish and other wildlife that drinks from the polluted water. When the contaminated water leaks to the ground, it affects the water table. This pollutes our drinking water due to the presence of chemicals in it.

Plant-based detergents contain natural and biodegradable ingredients. They can break down easily and are safe for the environment. So, plant-based detergents are eco-friendly, while regular detergent is not.


Most of us think that the presence of more powerful chemicals in regular detergent will make it an effective detergent that cleans the fabric well. But that is not true. The chemicals do not even clean the clothes but mask out the odor making you believe that you are clean.

Plant-based detergent consists of natural ingredients and can clean clothes, effectively removing stains. They use enzymes to break down the grease, dirt, and grime and are proven to be better at cleaning clothes rather than the regular detergent which can damage the fabric due to the chemicals present in them. Hence plant-based detergent is more effective than regular detergent.


We all generally decide whether a piece of cloth is clean or not by smelling it. If we get a nice scent, we conclude that it is clean. But the smell of clothes can be deceptive because regular detergents are full of fresh fragrances and can be overpowering. This can trigger allergies in people with perfume sensitivities.

The plant-based detergent, on the other hand, has a soothing scent due to the organic plant botanicals present in them. Thus, plant-based detergent is a good choice when looking for clean, natural-smelling clothes.

Amount of Product Use

The amount of detergent needed for a laundry load is often unknown. We tend to add in more detergent as per the load of laundry, which is actually not required. So, we tend to spend more money per load of laundry. Using more regular detergent only leads to an increase in the filmy texture build-up on the clothes.

Plant-based detergents are mainly concentrated, so you don't have to add more. Less detergent can effectively clean a load of laundry and so you can save up money in the long run.

Energy Efficiency

Plant-based detergent offers great benefits over regular detergent. A plant-based detergent is suitable for the washing machine as it can help save money. This detergent works well in lower temperatures, so there is no hustle of heating water for each cycle. Heating water consumes electrical energy and also hot water may damage delicate fabrics causing them to shrink and fade away.

Over a while, regular detergents can also cause a build-up on the washing machine and give a bad odor. However, plant-based detergent can clean the washing machine naturally.


Regular detergents are processed chemically. They consist of petrochemicals which are a form of crude oil. Petroleum products are bad for the environment as they release dozens of unhealthy chemical compounds into the air and pollute the natural environment. Crude oil is a non-renewable fuel source. Therefore, it has little long-term viability to keep up the production yearly.

Plant-based detergents are made from natural ingredients such as coconut oil. Hence, it is eco-friendly and sustainable.


There are more benefits to using plant-based detergent as compared to laundry detergent. The more usage of chemical-based detergents, the more damage to the fabric and the environment. You can protect your family by choosing plant-based detergent over regular detergent and keeping your clothes clean and healthy.

FAQ on Benefits of Using Natural Laundry Detergent

Why Should We Use Natural Detergents?

Natural detergents come from plants and so are gentle but effective on clothes. They gently remove the tough stains and leave a calming scent that will make the clothes feel fresh and clean. They also contribute to the maintenance of the ecosystem as they break down easily and return to earth without causing any harm.

Is Homemade Laundry Detergent Better Than Store Bought?

No, homemade laundry detergent is not better than store-bought because it can cause more money and create more waste while preparing it at home. It can make the home messy and also can ruin the washing machine.

Is Vinegar or Baking Soda Better for Laundry?

Yes, baking soda or vinegar is better for laundry as baking soda can be a natural fabric softener and vinegar is helpful to sparkle the white clothes and banish the mildew odor. They also help the laundry detergents to be more effective.

Where to Buy Laundry Detergents Online in India?

Laundry detergents can be bought online in India through Amazon or through the official website like the Herbal Strategi brand for detergent that you wish to purchase.