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Bed Bug Infestation

Bed Bug Infestation

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Bed Bug Infestation

The bed bug infestation has been on the rise and this rise is seen mostly in the developed countries. Bed bugs have caused a lot of health effects ranging from allergic symptoms to skin rashes. The rise of bed bugs has different reasons, it is not clear whereas a few guesses would be foreign travel where there is an exchange of goods and second-hand furniture that you have got home. Another reason is not paying attention and you could be focusing on other pests at your home. Bed bugs are known as parasites for humans for a long time now.

Bedbugs can live long without food?

The bed bugs feed on humans/mammals and can stay without eating for almost a year as per studies. So these guys survive! Bed bugs and the eggs can get into your home with a person visiting your home along with his luggage. They can come in through infested second-hand furniture and clothing. Bedbugs also feed on pets and may come in with birds as well. Bedbugs although feed on their hosts, they will not live on their skin. Pets may not be a factor in spreading bedbugs. Bedbugs are not an easily identifiable problem, so tracking the rise in infestations is a bit of a challenge. The sources and the reports being collected are from hotel chains, pest control companies, and pest control authorities. Since the problem is not identifiable, it would be worse than we think. So acting in advance would be the best measure you can take. The United States has enough cases where bed bugs have also lead to litigation. The homeowners often remain silent so that the property value doesn’t go down. Homeowners and people who are dealing with the bedbug infestation have used measures where mostly chemicals are used for bedbug treatment.

What is the best treatment for bed bug infestation?

So recently, Herbal Strategi has come out with a herbal method where the bedbug repellent is 100% herbal, no chemicals are used while manufacturing the product. The Herbal Strategi – Bedbug repellent is made from plant extracts and aromatic oils. So it repels bedbugs from entering your space or area and also driving away from the ones which are living there. The bed bug repellent is not only safe for humans as there are no chemicals, but it is also certified by the authorities. Herbal Strategi based in Bangalore, India is aiming for a global cause not only to provide Herbal repellents in India but Globally – the world over for individual homeowners, hospitals, food manufacturing units, etc. If you have a problem, you have to just give us a call or please feel free to visit our website: