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Bed bug causes, where do they come from?

Bed bug causes, where do they come from?

John Thomas |

Bed bug causes, where do they come from?

Bed Bug Causes: Bed bugs, a little-understood pest that was considered the pest of the past, but still bugs all of us. The first and most important thing about it is that unlike other bugs, it isn't synonymous with filth and dirt. The bed bug is independent of filth and dirt. Bed bugs have nothing to do with hygiene and housekeeping. It is a small, oval, non-flying insects that live off human blood. They are usually found in beds, and they come out at night when you sleep for a hefty blood meal.

How do you get bed bugs?

  • Bed bugs are like uninvited guests or hitchhikers that are transported from place to place by people.
  • They are very prominent in places with a lot of human activity. Eg: Hotel rooms, dormitories, apartments.
  • They get transported with people, either on their person or with their luggage.
  • This is what makes them such notorious hitchhikers. They find their way around through us.
These bed bugs then make themselves comfortable in unused, undisturbed spaces of the house and make it their home. Then, they reproduce there and increase their numbers as they are notorious breeders. A female bed bug can lay around 5000 eggs in a matter of just six months. If they are left unchecked, they can become a real nuisance. Clutter and negligence are what causes bed bug problems. A cluttered household will make it incredibly easy for a bed bug to find hiding spots. So all nooks and crannies of the must be carefully maintained.

What to do if the bugs are already there and won't go away?

Then, you can turn to some Herbal products to aid you. Most of the chemical products that are present to tackle this problem are ineffective, but some few Natural Herbal Bedbug Repellents can work wonders. BUGSPRAY is one 100% herbal products that can make sure you won't have to suffer from bedbug bites at night anymore.