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Herbal Rat Repellent | Product Size: 50 g

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How to Use

Step 1: Remove the outer lid and take out the seal.
Step 2: Insert back the outer lid so the cake is exposed to the air.
Step 3: Place the container under vehicles in areas such as bonnets and car boots where rodent infestation is anticipated. Remove before using your vehicle.
Step 4: The fumes of Aromatic Oils from one container will cover an area of the car and will last for 25 -30 days.
Step 5: Once the cake in the container disappears, replace it with a new container.

Care Instructions

Avoid contact with eyes, cuts and wounds
Keep out of reach of children and direct flame
Avoid direct exposure to sunlight
Store in a cool and dry place
Avoid using the product if allergic to Aromatic oils
For external use only


Each 100grams contain
Andropogon nardus , Lamajjaka Oil - 15%
Azardirachta Indica * Nimba Oil – 5%
Cedrus deodara *Devadaru Oil – 5%
Excipients - QS


  • Completely Herbal: Herbal Strategi Rat Repellent cake is made up of Plant extract- Citronella, Neem, and Cedarwood; known for its natural aromatic oil that have rat repellent properties. 
  • Harsh on Rat, Gentle on Environment: Herbal Strategi’s Herbal Rat Repellent is not only environmentally effective but also safe to use. It keeps your surroundings disease-free especially kitchen, where rats are likely to be found. Our products are biodegradable and eco-friendly. 
  • Safe for Your Loved Ones: Our products are made safe for your skin, cruelty free and non-toxic. It may also keep your kids and pets safe from respiratory irritation.
  • Doesn’t kills but wards them off: Rat cake is an ideal alternative to chemical poisonous rodent traps and baits, as it works to repel the rodents through scent, without harming the animals. Our natural ingredients don’t kill these pests but ward them away from your home keeping the food chain intact and free of harmful chemicals. 
  • Gentle & Safe: Plant-based, hypoallergenic Rodent repellent, for use in small areas like attics and cars.

* Note: For Corporate inquiries, please get in touch with us.

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      Herbal Strategi

      Herbal Rat Repellent | Product Size: 50 g


      * Note: For Corporate inquiries, please get in touch with us.


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