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Top 7 Bathroom Cleaning Hacks and Tricks

Top 7 Bathroom Cleaning Hacks and Tricks

Dhaval Maru |

Cleaning your bathroom can be a tough task. What’s more, most of us aren’t even doing it the simplest, most efficient ways. So here are some bathroom cleaning hacks to make your bathroom cleaner, and you feel healthier:

  • Every bathroom has mold and mildew developing all over it. I’m sure yours does too. But fret not. Just mix some detergent and warm water and apply it to the mold or mildew on the affected tiles, and then scrub hard with a scrubbing brush or some pumice. Then after a short while, use warm water and a cloth to remove the residue and then dry with a towel.
  • Grout can be another problem area for your bathroom. What is grout you ask? It’s a construction material that takes its place as the filling between the tiles in your bathroom and in crevices as a sealant. Why is grout such a problem? It’s the porosity of the material. Water gets into the grout and stays there, creating a paradise of mold and germs. So, to clean it, opt for bleach and water, and apply it to the grout and use a scrubbing brush or cloth to clean. And then rinse with water and dry it off with a towel. Once it’s completely clean, apply another layer of the sealant over it as protection.
  • Make use of fans or hair dryers to dry up your bathroom. A wet, humid, moisture filled bathroom is the worst as it promotes unwanted growth. To cut this off, make creative use of fans that you make have or hair dryer to kill moisture.
  • You should also shake shower curtains to make sure the water is off them after a show. Use a tissue to clean any excess water off it so you have a dry curtain that will not have anything growing on it.
  • Does your shower handle spray water is all sorts of directions instead of doing its job? That’s probably because it’s a little clogged. To fix this, tie a bag around it filled with vinegar and leave it on for a while before removing it and cleaning it gently, so you get a steady stream of aimed shower water and not erratic water shots.
  • Sometimes, bottles kept on a bathroom counter can develop rust that’s to oxidization that happens due to moisture in a humid bathroom. This can leave red-brown circles of rust on your glass or ceramic counters. To counter this, dab a little nail polish thinner on the bottom of these bottles.
  • Maintain hygiene. That is the first and last thing you need to when dealing with bathroom cleanliness. There are ways you can effectively do this without resorting to dangerous and unsafe chemical cleaners. Use natural air fresheners and herbal disinfectants to make sure you stay clean, and in turn, keep your bathroom clean too.